Silver’s Next Stop?



Silver: Is $10 The Next Major Stop For Price?


Silver is Now in a Weakened Price Position With Downside Potential

Continuing to apply the power of TIME MOMENTUM to our analyses of the markets, it’s time to review the SILVER Market.


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Silver, like Gold is purely a commodity that has been painted with a monetary brush over the decades and highly marketed from the Buy side for all that time.

The recent Bull market in Silver ended in 2011.

That marked the end of both the Gold & Silver boom in prices.

It’s been ‘down hill’ ever since for prices for these two with small interruptions for small rallies.

Ever since the peak, marketers have been relentless in their push to have people buy these metals.

However, these metals are actually Commodities, not money. Even though every time I mention that Truth, some subscribers get uncomfortable, the Truth is still the Truth. And, Price Declines are still Price Declines even when we don’t like them.

My promise is to always strive to present you with the facts of the markets with no bias as to direction except that provided by the markets themselves. I can’t serve you by presenting what feels good to hear. Our analyses are based on solid, technical and uniquely proprietary methods that read the actual market as-it-is, not virtual analysis after-the-fact. Today’s standard computer models are too far removed from the actual price movement to provide an accurate model of what’s happening at the moment.

As you can see in the first chart on the left, prices for Silver have now broken below their 5-Year Lows which should have been a strong support if prices had any residual upside momentum left in them. Prices didn’t hold this important support area and so, we must use Price History to be our Guide to the future expectations for Price.


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The question arises again: What’s Next For Silver Prices?

The answer that the market itself provides is shown on the chart to the left.

Here we see that a solid price level for Silver that has held for 10-Year Lows is our most likely candidate.

There are, of course, more technical tools we can use to confirm this as a strong support price area, but, this cursory look back in Price History sets us on the right course for price expectations.

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