Stairway Trading Method

The Stairway Trading Method

The Stairway Trading Method headerThis is an incredibly simple approach to price charts that uses a unique timing approach to harness the one market constant: The Way People Think.


After about 40 years researching the markets, an alternative, easy-to-use technique was discovered to seek out and find critical price trend changes by detecting shifting points in Investor’s Thinking Patterns.

The concept behind this analysis & trading technique is profound and enlightening and I offer it again for those who want an another method of analysis in addition to The Excalibur Method. Consider The Excalibur Method as a finely tuned sports car, while the Stairway Method is a fine Mercedes.

To obtain the pricing for either the Stairway Trading Method, the Excalibur Method or a special price on both, please take a moment and e-mail me HERE.

However, everyone else is still traveling by horse and buggy in comparison.

NOTE: I held this method back for several years now to allow previous purchasers a non-competitive edge, but, during these economic times I’ve decided to make the Stairway Method available again for a limited time to members and, at an excellent entry price.

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This method uses a specific, consistent, reproducible and powerful Subliminal Psychological Principle to determine:

  • High-probability Market Buy and Sell price points.
  • Stops for investing in trends already in progress.
  • Visually detected critical price points.

And, does it using only a simple chart, your eyes and THIS METHOD.

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