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Is Apple Being ‘Squeezed’? . . .

Apple is being squeezed within a 'Breakout' zone .

From: George R. Harrison; US Virgin Islands, June 26, 2017

Watch This Consolidation Zone

Apple (symbol: AAPL) has found some buying support, but, it still hasn't been enough to drive it higher and reverse the beginning downtrend as yet.

Trading Ranges, like  the one APPLE is within now, can be helpful in confirming the strength or weakness to the trend just preceding it. The price parameters of this trading range are shown on the chart.

The upside price to watch for re-establishing the long-term uptrend for APPLE is at the $148.00 level. A strong Close above this, preferably with most of the day's range above this price will be a strong indicator that the recent pull-back in price was just temporary.

The downside price to watch for continuing the new downtrend for APPLE remains at the $142.00 level. A strong Close below this, preferably with most of the day's range below this price will be a strong indicator that the recent pull-back in price is valid and that it will continue for some time yet.

The next day or two should give us the indication we need as TIME is up for this sideways price movement. Either a sharp upward spike or downward slide in now due.

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Our unique and select trading course methods are capable of alerting an investor or trader EARLY about an impending major trend movement in price.

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How Do You Like These ‘Apples’? . . .

     Another One of the 'Tech Stocks Is At A Pivot/Break Point

Is This A Springboard or 'Cracked' Board?

This Chart shows important price points for the stock: APPLE (AAPL).

Today, we visit another of the High Tech Stocks known collectively as the 'FANG' Group (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

Today, we're looking at APPLE (symbol: AAPL).

Apple is actually leading the FANG Group to the downside. It has weakened (broken, actually) already instead of just threatening to break like FACEBOOK (symbol: FB) charts are now showing.

The Summer months are historically weak for stocks in general, so, when we note some weakness entering into the share prices for one of the critical Tech Group mentioned above, it wouldn't be out of line or a bad strategy to prepare for a pull-back in prices for this 'favored few' group of Stocks.

We're also arriving at one of those Times when the trend of the US Stock Market as a whole is also reaching some important milestones. I wrote more on the Great Cycle reasons to watch for this in two of my Special Reports recently (all purchasers of our instructional courses may have free access to these reports, make sure you're on the mailing list!).

While it is possible that this pullback is a springboard to even greater heights of price, we have to look at the basic share elements of the Market itself for more clues. By looking at the 'FANG' stocks, we're looking at the strongest elemental Group in the index, not the weakest. If the strongest priced stocks want to take a 'breather', then, what are the weaker priced stocks going to do?

The NASDAQ Index is itself is poised at a critical turn point much like Apple is. If this should break in the NASDAQ, then, thousands of company share prices will be added to the momentum of what could become an avalanche of downward sliding prices.

Strong downward pressure will come into play for APPLE below the $142 price leve ON A CLOSING BASIS ONLY. This will be an even stronger signal if the entire Daily range goes below this price level. Watch for this to indicate a strong drop in price is coming.

Keep a careful watch around these price levels and use one or more of the trading methods offered on this site to help discern if or when the market is weakening.

Our unique and select trading course methods are capable of alerting an investor or trader EARLY about an impending major trend movement in price.

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First, Analyze The Stock Sectors . . .

First, Make Sure You're In The Right Sector . . . Then Trade!

Long before you settle on the stock to trade, you should pick the right economic Sector to find that stock in. Sort out the weaker markets from the strong ones. If you're inclined to BUY, then, you trade in strong, uptrending market sectors. If you're comfortable SELLING, pick stocks in a downtrend phase . . .

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