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Making Money From Forex By Standing Still . . .

​How To Make Money In Forex By Standing Still . . .

Gains of 12% to 17% were possible holding just cash US Dollar positions vs. the Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee or the South African Rand​ over the last year.

Had one held only mildly margin-ed forex pairs with the USD on any of these currencies, they would have been able to make far, far higher returns. And, all without trading in and out and watching the quote screens all day.

But, to be able to go for this long-term strategy, (which is the ​most protected from market manipulators), you'd still need a reliable technique for evaluating whether the profitable trend you were following was staying on course.​

That where our most popular and profitable trading methods come into play.

Like our New and highly effective 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique . . .

​The above chart shows how 'Fibonacci Trends' could have given a very early tip-off to the upcoming profitability potential of the USD/RUB forex pair.


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