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‘MMT’ and Crude Oil


A Warning Signal Was Given Days Ago That A Large  Range Price Move Was Likely To Happen in Crude Oil.

What followed confirmed the 'MMT' Signal.

Prices declined sharply and an almost $4,000 usd trading opportunity was there for the taking.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the addition of the 'Market Maker's Trigger' or 'MMT' isn't a 'stand-alone' tool; it definitely IS an important confirmation tool to have in your pocket when examining the markets for potential profitable trades to come.

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​Today, we've largely become victims or adopters of the 'short-term perspective' when it comes to trading. This is largely because a good deal of emphasis in the financial media is focused on TODAY and today only or, this week's headlines. Thus, intra-day trends dominate the news cycle and, we overlook the fact that we could profit more consistently and profitably if we drew back and created a more strategic approach that incorporated the long-term swings in Markets.

Look at the ​Crude Oil chart above for example. Yes, this goes back several years, but, it reveals three separate Trend Swings that could have been taken advantage of (shown by the colored circles at specific price points on the chart). These would have been pinpointed by using our 'Fibonacci Trends' Technique, which this chart shows, works, not only at the intra-day level but also for long-term trends as shown here.

How much are moves like this worth potentially?

​Well, on a single-contract basis, the first trend break to the downside was worth over 

​$70,000 usd! A 10-lot would have yielded over $700,000 usd in potential profit!!

The above chart shows this potential. The upswing in Crude Oil prices since 2016 was potentially worth over $40,000 usd on a single contract basis. A 10-lot here would have produced a potential profit of over $400,000 usd before the break in trend to the downside which took place this year.

The ​new trend is downwards, but, when will it end? Will you be able to detect the shift to either exit the Short position now shown or to enter the new Uptrend when it starts? ​You'll need a superior technique to be ready for this guaranteed-event-to-come.​​​

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Crude Oil: A New Downtrend Has Begun . . .

Crude Oil Prices . . . The 'Moon' Predicts A New Price Downswing

I had to laugh today when I read how some of the big investment houses were calling on their clients to buy Crude Oil. They stated that prices were going to $100 a barrel again. Not today!

That price may be possible again someday, but, as of today, our new method called 'Trader's Moon' has indicated that Crude Oil has tripped over the edge and is most likely to go DOWN, not up in price, from this point on wards.

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How To Deal With A Market Turn Around


How To Deal With A Market Turn Around

brentcrude4Yes, it happens.

Markets can surprise any of us and the best of our logic will, eventually, have to fail us at turn around trend points of importance.

When markets change, we must adapt and quickly to the one and the only reality of the markets: Price.

Brent Crude Oil is the latest piece of ‘humble pie’ to digest.

Although all the signs were in place for the usual rally top, the last important indicator, the breaking of Brent Crude’s price below $37.50 (which we noted in our previous post) never occurred.

The 45° support line held price at bay from a steep decline. Now, this same angle line has pushed the support up to the $39 level with this price now acting as our early indicator for a price collapse if price closes below the $39 level.

Price surged upwards past the last two month’s highs indicating further strengthening and buying.

The fact that price couldn’t drop below the 45° angle showed that selling had dried up and that this price pull-back wasn’t of the same nature as the previous ones. At that point of ‘non-confirmation’, one had to accept what was being said by the Markets about the real trend of the market; prices were going higher.

Although, we could still be making a top, price must close below $39 now to confirm that the switch in trend to the downside is significant & real. – George

Crude Oil Topping Again?


Crude Oil Top?

brentcrudeWe’re at another of those rally top areas where the bullish news for Oil starts coming back into view again.

However, this appears to be largely a distraction and counter-move by the media to disguise inside SELLING and positioning for the next leg down in Crude Oil Prices.

The red-circled area on the chart shows the topping price area where we are at present.

But, short-term price movements have already given a weakening signal that are the prelude to another price slide downwards.

$37.50 should be the first objective, A break in price below this price level will indicate a strong slide in price to come, coming down with $34.50 next.

$23 Crude Oil can be reached should these other levels fail to hold going forward. George

Fast Rises Yield Fast Falls






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NEW UPDATE: 8/31/15

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cl2As this is a fast moving market presently, this post will be short and informative:

Long positions in Crude Oil, as mentioned a few day’s back, are going to be very short term positions it appears. The momentum angle for price rise is characteristic of very short-term trends only.

Here’s the present chart for Crude Oil as of this posting time.

cl1It’s obvious that such a rise in price in so short a time period needs to be absorbed into the market over some time.

A day is simply not enough time for this to take place.

Watch for a sharp reversal in Crude Oil as part of either an absorption period or a complete break to lower lows. – George