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A Gift For Traders: The Final Puzzle Piece: Part III

Your Final Puzzle Piece. Becoming A Successful Trader. 
Let All 3-Parts Be A Core Part Of Your Trading Strategy. 

As we carefully read all 3-parts of Gann's Rules For Traders, we're looking in a 'mirror' at ourselves

If you're like me and the rest of Humanity, you're going to discover that these 'Rules' are addressing Human weaknesses and asking us to overcome them using our own, personal discipline. We have to be Strong and Hold to these 'Market Virtues' in order to not get caught in a trap of our own making.

As you'll soon discover when reading these 28-Rules, we're all in the same leaky boat when it comes to trading; at least at the start. The trick is to be able to patch the 'leaks' (the broken rules from this List), so we don't 'sink', (blow out our accounts).

Adhering to these Rules will be the hardest part of your successful trading career. Not the Markets, but, holding true to these Rules and Yourself, day-by-day.

It's a Journey of the Soul worth taking and we're all the better for taking that Journey. - George


P.S.: By the way, here's some Powerful, Exclusive Trading Techniques around which you can wrap Mr. Gann's Rules For Traders . . .

If you ACT TODAY, you can have Access to BOTH of these Methods For SPECIAL PRICE

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