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This Week’s S&P 500 High-Low Swings

Live Daily S&P 500 Futures Prices

Live Daily S&P 500 Futures Prices

     Expect a Pull-back from this present Top price area.

  You'll note that we're entering an anticipated High Price Zone

    'The Excalibur Method' can anticipate Tops AND Bottoms.

By George R. Harrison

“There is nothing in the Universe but mathematical points of force.” - Michael Faraday

The Laws of Probability and Trend need to be applied whenever markets or market conditions tend to evoke emotional, mood-driven responses instead of rational, pre-planned ones.

In the case of the Stock Market (as represented by the S&P 500 Stock Index), we've just experienced an excellent upswing in prices; a good 'run' in one direction: UP.

Longer, uninterrupted 'runs' are necessary to establish 'trends' in price direction (like the upwards direction we're presently enjoying in the S&P 500).

On the top chart, during shorter up swings, we managed to (or rather 'The Excalibur Method' technique managed to) predict the TOPS extremely accurately (or to be less modest, better than any other trading technique out there!)

This time we've had an extended and strong upswing lasting 7-Trading Days.

The number '7' has strong vibrational price turning properties and that, aligned with Excalibur's anticipated TOP price area (shown as the highest green horizontal rectangle on the chart) tends to confirm this week's being the time for either an explosive upswing surge to much higher levels or the more 'normal' top price being reached and an expected, follow-up, pull-back in prices.

Let's look at where prices could go if the price pull-back scenario is correct.

Let's look at the chart and note that there are two red horizontal rectangles present that are below present trading prices.

The highest of the two rectangles denotes how far prices could easily drop in the course of the next few day's trading.

The lowest of the two rectangles (just below 2360) would represent a major pull-back (within the present uptrend) in prices. If closing prices dropped below this price level, we'd be talking about a a breaking of the last two month's bull market move.

Should the lower-probability major surge in prices occur on Tuesday, prices could conceivably go as high as the 2489-90 area and, go there quickly before finding another TOP area to reflect back from.

WARNING: The analysis you're reading here is only projecting out for the next 3 to 5-Trading Days at most. Markets are Dynamic. Any method of analysis that doesn't adapt to changing market conditions is worthless.

All of our time-based trading techniques are DYNAMIC by design. These methods of analysis are as current as the last entry on the chart you're using. In short, use a technique that's RESPONSIVE TO THE MARKETS THAT YOU'RE TRADING!

Opportunity-spotting is just what methods like 'Stairway', 'Excalibur', 'Exponential'. 'Trader's Moon and our other courses are all about. They take the 'noise' of market price confusion and filter out the meaningless data and, better yet in my opinion, they teach you how to do this apart from a computer or the confines of specialized software which you don't understand.

With our Courses you will learn an extremely valuable and powerful SKILL that will last and serve you for a Lifetime.

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