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The Hidden Hand of Inflation: ‘Revealed’

By G.R. Harrison

Don't Be Deceived By Only Looking At Daily Charts

Basic Prices Are Rising

Although most investment conversations revolve around the stock market these days, the really important story should be focused on the cost of living the emergence of  signifi cant inflation again.

While this is only whispered right now, The Trend is Clear:

Inflation Is Not Coming, It's Here, NOW!

There are plenty of fundamentals that could explain this, but, they're only of secondary importance. The main point is that one becomes aware of this inflationary trend.

The price charts above show a simple way to confirm this for yourself. By going back and observing price charts describing a longer stretch of time, we reveal the truth and inflation can no longer hide within the daily price trends.

Inflation first tip-toes on the scene quietly and largely unobserved. Eventually, people begin to notice the prices of certain staples rising. This then broadens to cover almost everything purchased anywhere.

It's important to know where one is within the Economic Cycle and, inflationary periods are just another part of that cycle: George

Another Illusion Dispelled: The GOLD Market Is Going . . . DOWN

By G.R. Harrison

Many People Have Been Deluded By GOLD's Shine

The Institutions Are Selling GOLD. The Public is Buying!

GOLD has become a political tool or crutch over the years and, that's a mistake.

Instead of trying to 'understand' this commodity or the 'reasons' why it 'must' go up in price, confine yourself to the Truth of the Price Chart which will wake you from that Dream immediately. Note the WEEKLY price chart for GOLD above. The Trend is Clear:

Gold's Been Going DOWN, Not Up for Months Now.

Those with the proper tools and an open mind (which ALL traders need for success!), noted  the shift starting back in September of 2020.

GOLD is another of those basic, popular markets that is widely followed. Most people are permanent 'Bulls' and treat Gold as an insurance policy again a currency decline.

However, as we noted in our last posting, the US DOLLAR has now shifted upwards in price trend. This decline in the GOLD Market can be viewed as a confirmation of that assessment, so, the insurance angle is a moot reason to hold Gold under these circumstances in my opinion. As always, Change is the Name of the Game.

Let these Changes Work FOR You: George

Here’s What Happened While You Were Busy Being Distracted . . .

By G.R. Harrison

              A Seismic Shift In The US DOLLAR & EURO Trend Is Happening Right NOW!

Funny thing isn't it; the Mainstream Press is Talking About a Declining Dollar, Not A Rising Dollar!

In a typical power play by those at the top of the pyramid, they want the masses to SELL their Dollars out to them so they can accumulate and run the Dollar upwards to increase their wealth even more. It's not the first time. This time you're aware of it though!

The EURO Is Going Down!

It's hardly surprising that the EURO is now Declining as well.

Europe is on the ropes and it's response to the recent crises have been too heavy-handed to stimulate the Economy. In fact, it's done the opposite and is destroying the Economy of Europe. Of course, their currency will reflect it, regardless of all the 'happy talk' in the deluded press.

These are two MAJOR shifts taking place that the powers-that-be would like you to overlook. Become awake and then you can take advantage of this information and take a ride on the money train with the rest of the elites.

Let these Changes Work FOR You: George

The Meltdown Begins: Facebook & Twitter

By G.R. Harrison

               When Companies Destroy Their User Base . . .                    This Happens

Eventually, Fuel Runs Out On The Rocketship!

A whole generation has only known these two stocks as uni-directional (only going higher). This 'Buy-the-dip' crowd is too accustomed to only looking upwards to see  the cliff and vast canyon that they're rushing towards.

These Stocks Can Go Down Too!

Hardly a voice can be heard warning of the downside potential for these high-tech companies, but, companies that treat their customers with disdain and even contempt have forgotten the basic core fundamental of business success - CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

Millions of former clients have already been arbitrarily dropped and countless other millions are voluntarily migrating to better environments where they will be better treated like GAB.COM.

This is just the beginning of the fracturing of big tech by their own hands.

It's important to know that no one is restricted from the amazing profit opportunities that the markets present for declining stocks as well.

Best New Year Wishes: George

Overnight Vs. the NY Session

By G.R. Harrison

Each Offers Many Avenues to Potential Profit.

Your Current Location Is Not A Limitation To Opportunity!

Many have written over the years about whether our trading methods can be used for the markets that trade overnight.

The short answer is: "YES.".

The longer answer is that ALL of our trading methods and techniques are derived from fundamental, mathematical LAWS.

What does that mean?

Well, to start with, a Natural Law is not subject to Man's whims or time zone creations.

Instead, it works the other way around. Man is subject to the Laws of Nature and can't escape them no matter how clever he thinks he is.

Because that's the level of perfection we set out to discover from our research work over the last 5-Decades, we achieved results that just WORK; no matter what Market being followed and no matter what time frame for charting that's being examined

This is extremely important as we have Clients and Students that live all around the globe.

It's important to know that no one is restricted from the amazing profit opportunities that the markets present daily by their present physical location or time zone.

Best New Year Wishes: George

‘Nature’s Way’ Vs. ‘My Way’ When It Comes To Trading . . .

By G.R. Harrison

Why do we insist on 'My Way' instead of 'Nature's Way?

Don't Do It 'Your Way', When 'Nature's Way' Can Do This!

Man is a funny creature, partly Divine in Nature, but, almost totally confused in every other area he pursues.

Ego, our sense of our own self-importance, tries to rise and fill the confusion gap, but, only makes things worse in the long run.

Here's a law of Human Nature which we hide from each other and ourselves: Man hates Simplicity and Harmony.

Digging a little deeper, we find that we dislike acknowledging a power greater than ourselves is at work in our World and Universe and that we really have no control over it.

The only 'control' we find ourselves left with is to either comply and flow with these Natural Laws at work all around us or to rebel against them and fight them head on because 'we' have a different view on how 'things ought to be'.

Well, guess how this all works out and has always worked out?

That's right. The story is an old one. The 'Rebels' lose and the Empire of Nature Wins.

If we wish to be intelligent, knowing how this story goes, we should opt for the easier Path and not fight the forces that are strongly arrayed against those doing the 'wrong thing.

In the Markets, this amounts to controlling our Egos, greed and emotions and finding the Natural Trend and following it, while strictly controlling risk exposure to 2% and less of our account's value for every trade made while targeting profits of at least 2:1 versus risk exposure.

This approach will align oneself with Nature instead of against it and, combined with an entry and exit trading system tool or tools, (which must also be based upon Natural Law), will remove most obstacles from one's path to Trading Success.

Best New Year Wishes: George

TRADER’S EDGE RULE: ‘Trade Using Nature’s Laws, Not Man-made Ones’

And, Today's Law Is: 

'All Things Start Small and Grow Larger From There.'

Don't try to jump ahead of this Natural Growth Progression!

When small, TRADE APPROPRIATELY FOR YOUR OWN ACCOUNT SIZE! If you're a small investor, there's no shame in this, so, don't sling around contracts and build positions like you're an institution or a multi-millionaire. There will be an unpleasant Reckoning if you do! Be content to invest small and be satisfied with small results to start

NOTE: In the case of a Market like that shown on the chart, the E-Mini, if that market represents too great a portion of your portfolio to risk, don't do it! You have other options. There is also a smaller version of this contract called a micro e-mini, (Read more about it HERE), which is 1/10 the size (and the risk!). By going to a smaller, more appropriate size, you can still participate in the Growth Factor, which really ought to be your main target (and, not the $$ only). The $$ part will take care of itself as your size grows by careful timing and risk control.

Be Patient!

If you adhere to this Rule and those concerning Risk Management, then the Laws of Growth will go to work for you.

Trading at the proper size level for your account size takes humility, ego suppression and strict discipline, so, this is no small matter or achievement! As I've said before, the actual trading process when examined is simplicity itself, however,

Discipline or control of one's impulses, (mostly ego-driven at their core), will pose your greatest day-to-day challenge.

Think of it as like a physical work-out. In this case, you'll be building up your Mental Strength instead of your physical muscles.

 Take these Rules to Heart and they'll change your trading life for the better.

Best New Year Wishes: George

E-mini Monday Trading Opportunities

Successful Trading Requires Both A Great System And The Patience To Wait For Your Entries & Exits.

The fact is that profit opportunity abounds daily.

The hard thing to accept is that fear keeps us from harvesting these fields of prosperity.

This is not a pitch for any particular method or system that we have in our collection. You can find them listed under the tabs at the top of this webpage easy enough and I've mentioned them for years.

Instead, this is a straight-forward presentation to suggest that you look past your fears and, even your ambitions to see the truth of what I've stated above; that, profit opportunity, even, great profit opportunities are regularly presented to the disciplined trader.

My mission here is to help you to focus on the positive side of trading and it's potential.

Successful Trading is at once among the simplest of concepts and at the same time is the hardest occupation because one must master themselves to follow those simple concepts without hesitation and following through with one's Plan.

Each trader's fears and ambitions (greed) can blind one to both the opportunities and the dangers that are shown on our price charts. Knowledge and Confidence in that Knowledge, along with adequate funding, are the keys to overcome this hesitation and blindness. Best New Year Wishes: George

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