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Crude Oil Spotlight

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We’re presently spotlighting Crude Oil as it has presently pulled back to a potential pivot price area.

WD Gann techniques for trading Crude Oil

Crude Oil in the Spotlight

If prices continue downward below 97.00-96.70, then, momentum to the upside would be broken seriously.

This is shown as the red horizontal bar area on the chart.

In that case, prices would be likely to take out the previous lows below 91.00.

However, the trend has UP since 2012 (although at a weak angle upwards), so, a renewal to the upside is the more probable direction to bet.

At this particular price level the risk to a LONG trade (the downside STOP) is less and therefore a good money management decision area.

This is shown as the green BUY area on the chart.

The bottom line of this spotlighted area is that it represents a rapidly moving price zone which spells profit opportunity to speculators and traders.

This should be a market of interest for the next few weeks. – George



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I’d like to point out that this is a tribute to technique rather than ego and that the techniques applied were developed from my many decades of research into Gann materials and personal research derived or inspired by Mr. Gann’s work. – George