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W.D. Gann, Markets & ‘Astrology’



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W.D. Gann, Markets & ‘Astrology’:

Gann Applied the Planets to analyze the markets like an Astronomer and Scientist.

Back in Gann’s day, ‘Astrology’ was even more obscure and less publicly accepted than it is today. However, the Astrological Ephemeris  was a great source of valuable data about the planets over long periods of time.

I’ve found sufficient evidence over the last decade to verify what Mr.Gann himself admitted; that an accurate study of how the planets influence Earthly markets should be based more on mathematics and science and less on traditional means such as Astrology.

I tried to avoid this area of Gann’s work for many years, but, eventually research revealed a ‘key’ that allowed for a clinical dissection of core truths from the clutter of pagan tradition and myth. It’s what lies BEHIND so-called ‘Astrology’ that holds the Truth we need to better understand the Markets.

When used for chart analysis & market predictions, this information has historically yielded and still yields very accurate, startling information about the Cycles of Bull & Bear Markets.

By the way, the chart above shows us to be at the end of an astronomic Cycle of Ascension with an upcoming year of turmoil and strong potential decline ahead. The S&P 500 has already crossed into this weakness area.

NOTE: If this ‘Astrological’ level of Gann study and information is of interest to you, please let me know so that I can gauge whether there’s enough interest to produce a course revealing these techniques and whether to post more articles on the subject. There’s no obligation, this is just a test of my reader’s interest levels on this subject.

If popular enough, I’ll post some other charts with astronomical market points of immediate interest. Please E-mail me HERE.

Thanks for reading. – George



Practical Knowledge




Skill requires a thorough knowledge of our area of work.

Whether for markets or medicine, one needs to build a skill set that’s founded upon fundamental truths that can be depended on, in turn, to support our successful application of those skills over and over again.

But, Truth is obscured to the natural eye and,  when it comes to discovering truth about a subject, it seems like this is a pretty dark world indeed.

If ignorance were darkness, then, to find our way towards answers, we’d need to grab a lantern, and, like Diogenes, start our search for Honesty and Truth. Indeed, Diogenes said that there was only one good, namely, knowledge; and only one evil, namely, ignorance.

Knowledge is one of those 80-20 things.

80% of what professes to be knowledge is relatively time-dependent and useless for the long-term. In truth, this number is probably closer to 95%. But only 20% of what’s ‘out there’ and known as knowledge has any value in Life at all.

In point of fact,  it’s more likely to be only about 5% of available knowledge that has lasting, timeless value. And, I’m speaking of only that which has been discovered and not lost. If we seek previously discovered and lost-again knowledge, as with W.D. Gann’s work, then the search is much harder as the information is more valuable and useful in day-to-day trading.

The only really useful knowledge is practical knowledge. Knowledge that can be applied consistently and accurately over any period of history, under any market conditions.

Trading the markets is, in no way, an academic exercise and the markets don’t respect educational credentials.

What works in the markets must be learned from the markets themselves and that knowledge must also be tested by fire. This is the core information offered through this website to those who seek to shorten the ‘search’ for themselves and spend their time applying practical knowledge to trading the markets and increasing their success.

You’ll find this type of foundational knowledge in the Excalibur Method and in the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course which you can learn more about on this website. If this is the level of expertise you desire, contact me for availability and price through e-mail by clicking HERE.

A hypothetical example* applied to the EUR/GBP intraday from Thursday-Friday’s close:

Chart courtesy of Finviz.com. Indicators by WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com  CLICK CHART TO ENLARGE

Chart courtesy of Finviz.com. Indicators by WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com





The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box below.