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The Trading Opportunities Using ‘Pivot’ Points:

By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​Our focus today is on the US Dollar Pivot ​Prices and how to take full advantage of them.

Most traders are looking for the low-probability trades. Of course, they don't know this. Most think that price break-outs are going to occur all the time. In fact, though, they rarely do.

​Gold, Crude Oil, Stocks; all the popular markets have average traders looking for disaster as the next move pushing the markets over-the-edge.

​However, the truth is that breakout price moves are quite rare​ (less than 2 chances in 10) occurring only around 15% of the time overall. Sideways to 'reverting-back-to-the-trend' price movements ​occur around 85% of the time, so, that's the way to bet when you're presented with price pivot points on a chart.

Patience and Waiting then come into play.

At the critical pivot price points like those shown on the US Dollar above, the risk of being wrong (a Stop) can be adjusted to be less risky by waiting for price to approach the pivot point by an amount equal to or less than the risk you've allowed for that trade. - George

The G-7 Conference and A Currency Pivot Point:

By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​I guess you could say that things could have gone better!

​The fact that this G-7 attempt at looking unified failed at the exact time that both the Euro and the Canadian Dollar reached a support/pivot point in price where they can go either way (with very little pressure) is the main concern.

​Our chart for the EUR/USD below shows a price support/pivot Stop at the point shown with the blue circle. This is a sensitive price zone area and should prices close below it, we can expect another downswing in price ahead.

The Prime Minister of Canada didn't help his country through his actions either. Looks like an open trade war with the US is what he achieved with his immature actions. That action also is occurring at a weak support/pivot price point for the Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD) as shown on the chart below.

​The simple fact is that the Canadian Dollar was already to test a support level before this weekend's fiasco with the G-7. Watch the price area shown by the blue circle on the above chart. Should prices Close below this price zone, expect another slide in value for the Canadian Dollar. - George

Bracketing WTI Crude Oil Prices: . . .

By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​In our earlier post we showed some upside price targets for WTI Crude Oil.

Prices have declined since then, so, we thought that this would be a good time to explore how far we can expect prices to decline before they find a support level.

​Our chart below shows that price is expected to find serious support on this decline at the $62 usd level.

​​Along with our upside targets at $76​, we now have a bracket for prices on Crude Oil above and below it's present level. ​ Present prices are at a 50% pull-back area and, this is a good support area. However, should events occur that break below this level, expect for $62 to be the next holding price area. - George

WTI Crude Oil Price Projections: . . .

By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​Here are some thoughts on the Crude Oil market during the recent Middle East turmoil :

​​We're now working towards a general selling area depicted as the 'topping price zone' on the chart below . . .

​On our trip upwards in price, there are some strong price resistance areas to watch. The first was hit at the $54 area from which prices backed off for over half-a-year.

The next price resistance area of interest is at $76 (shown by the red horizontal line). Should prices advance past this price on a Closing price basis, that would open the strong possibility of price advancing into the Topping Zone price area shown on the chart in grey color.

Within that price selling area, there is strong resistance expected to be shown at the $98 level. It must be noted that these high price levels would probably be accompanied by some pretty negative news relative to the Middle East and events threatening to happen or occurring there.

Crude Oil prices are heavily driven by Fear. However, there is no actual shortage of Supply realistically.

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The US Dollar: ‘Strength Confirms Strength’ . . .

By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

Sounds a bit esoteric, but, let me explain what's meant by 'Strength Confirms Strength':

​As we noted in our last post on the US Dollar, the major trend has just shifted to the upside again as shown on our chart analysis below . . .

As our pivot methods expected a top on Thursday or Friday last week, we expected that a normal price trend turn of short duration was likely to occur. What we found was that, indeed, a spindle top did occur as well as a bottom on the same day! You'll see on the chart below that this was only a brief one-day pause in the march upwards in price for the US Dollar.

The US Dollar's strength is such that it over-whelmed almost all orders to the downside. The Dollar's uptrend re-asserted itself and continued on it's way as if nothing had happened at all. This is 'Stength Confirming Strength' and, an excellent indicator of what lies ahead for this currency to the upside. It also confirms, contrarily, that the EURO is locked into a weakening trend going forward from here. - George

It also confirms, contrarily, that the EURO is locked into a weakening trend going forward from here. - George

A US DOLLAR Top Due Tomorrow? . . .

​By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​The US Dollar has been on good uptrend run lately. It has started to breakout from a long-term downtrend as shown on the chart below:

​However, even as Daily prices have advanced upwards nicely as part of this new upswing, every advance must take a pause along the way to re-energize itself. Look for a top in the present daily upswing Tomorrow or Friday. - George

Using Price Charts To Predict Wars . . .

​By G.R. Harrison, Copyright 2018

​Some Markets can ​reveal the potential for political events like wars when viewed in the light of previous price behavior at certain price levels.

​In the case of the present Middle East tensions, we'll examine Brent Crude Oil and Gold to see if prices are at sensitive levels or not.

​For Brent Crude Oil we find that we're at a critical RESISTANCE pivot area not only on the Daily Chart, but, also relative to the strong Monthly price chart as well.

Should prices rise above the horizontal bar shown on the charts above, then, it's likely to indicate that conditions have reached or breached a 'war-level'.

​It's always wise to bring in more than just one indicator when trying to judge the political conditions that are existent at any time.

In this case, the international significance of Gold to Middle-Eastern interests, warrants that we check out it's price position at this present time as well.

Looking at our Gold chart above, we see that Gold also is at previous Highs and a Resistance Level. It would take very little to have it break above these price levels and, that, would likely indicate an escalation of war activities or preparations.

The fact that both of these international commodities are poised at these sensitive points in their price history as well as the fact that we're entering into the beginning of a repeat of the World War II cycle (as described in our 'It's About Time' Course Set) lends to the importance of controlling the tensions that are presently in play. 

It will take cool heads to De-pressurize present events.

The indication of a lowering of tensions will be if prices for Brent Crude Oil or Gold decline below the red horizontal line below their present price level. That would indicate a subtraction of international tension is taking place. - George

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Only 2 Major Money Trends: The US Dollar and . . .

​​All The Others!

By George R. Harrison

​Basically, since the start of 2017 there have been only two trends in the Currency Markets.

​There's been the declining US Dollar trend which continues to this day and the rising value of all the other major currencies as the counterpart.

T​here's a lot of sound and fury out there with some rooting for the decline of the Dollar as being important globally,

W​ell, with that being true long-term, in the short-term a weakened Dollar will actually boost the US Economy not weaken it.

​Exports become less costly for the US and more expensive to purchase from other countries than before.

​Plus, investments like the Stock Market become even better deals as the base dollar depreciates and money flows from more expensive currencies to products denominated in a less expensive one (where more can be purchased than before).

While we speculate in this space about the short-term counter-trend moves a good deal, it's important to always keep the big picture major trends in view in order to place current events in the right perspective.​​

​The Euro chart above is used as representative of most of the major currencies which, on their own, are experiencing rising trends in their currency values relative to the US Dollar.

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