Imagine . . .

Buying or Selling Bitcoin* Just BEFORE

Prices Start Driving Upwards or Crashing  !!!

* or any other Crypto

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Ready To Trade Bitcoin/Cryptos & Win With The BIG BOY$?

You'll Need A Special 'Edge' & 

 We Have It For You !!

The Long-Hidden Secret to Catching the BIG Price Moves


'The Crypto Breakout Trader' !!!

Introducing . . .

A Simple and Powerful Way

To Trade Bitcoin & Cryptos


It's A Survival Plan For The Future !!!

Millions of $$$ Are Being Taken

From The Crypto Markets Daily

Tired of Being Left Behind ?

The Markets Wait For No Man

So, Let's Get Started !

It's A Fact:

While There's Lots of Ways to Run The Trading Race,

Our Approach Will Just Get You There FASTER

If You're Not Getting Where You Want To Go,

Maybe, You're Using The Wrong Tool for the Job!

It's Time Your Trading Tool Was A Thoroughbred, Not a Mule!


Ever wonder WHEN the next BIG MOVE is coming to Bitcoin?

Need to know when it's wise to wait or when it's time to go 'All IN'?

'The Crypto Breakout Trader' will help you select just the right timing to catch hold of the next Big Trend.

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If your tastes are towards a longer-term view and holding on for Weeks, Months or Years once you're on board the Major Trend, this trading method will serve you exceptionally well, as the longer-term price moves tend to have a good deal of Time Momentum behind them allowing them to continue their trends for a long, long time.

What's missing from most folk's trading toolboxes is not Courage.

No, it's KNOWLEDGE that's crucial and it has to be that kind of Knowledge that is rare or even unseen at all by the public and it's paid-for, so-called 'experts'.

And, this is a good time to address the concept of 'track records' and trading methods. I sum up my experiences in this area for you if you take the time to click on the following button: . . .

'The Crypto Breakout Trader' Course will give you that Knowledge, and, . . .

. . . If you Order our Course NOW, you may have it for only a modest Gift Contribution of just $495 USD. 

You may also order our Full Course Version which contains many additional examples from the Stock, Commodities, Stock Indexes and Forex Markets for only $775 USD for BOTH Courses.

The Beautiful fact about the 'Breakout' Trading Method is that it also will work in other Markets like Stock Indexes like the S&P 500, Forex, Commodities like Interest Rates, Crude Oil, Gold, Soybeans, Silver, Orange Juice, Cotton, Wheat, Corn, etc., etc.,

To expand your understanding of how to apply this technique to other types of markets you'll need to follow some examples which are given in the Base Course called 'The Breakout Point Trader'.

We're offering our new Members a special two volume course offering to get you off to a fast and accurate start.

Payment by Bitcoin or Crypto is accepted and encouraged.

We Believe in what we teach and payment transfers using Cryptos are light-years ahead of the normal banking system today and much more efficient.

This is A Great Opportunity to Obtain A Potentially Hugely, Profitable New Trading & Investing Skill at a Great Price.


Most have no clue how to trade volatile markets like Bitcoin on an intraday basis.

Even though they see every price tick on their screens, the Knowledge of how to zero-in on the largest of these price movements is never taught.

As you can see on the above chart, opportunities await the skilled trader each and every day. But, finding these points is, without doubt, a Skill.

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Possessing this Powerful Trading Skill is Like having Money in the Bank, but, BETTER !!! 

Just Imagine,  Knowing That Whatever Comes, You'll Be Prepared!

By 'Prepared', I mean, You'll KNOW what to do when you find the signals aligning as you'll learn them within the pages of this precious, new course.

If you're taking the time and risk to be in the Trading Race, then, why not

 Get On The Inside Track

In The Crypto Markets

 For just $495 !!

What You'll Discover Within This Course:

  • REVEALED: A Simple Formula for Detecting Up-coming Price Swings!!
  • SUPPORT: All of our Private Membership has access to personal support from the Author!
  • Bitcoin's Secret Sequence: There's a Special Number Set that's the SECRET KEY!
  • Bitcoin's Secret Structure. You'll Discover a New Order to the Market never seen before!
  • How a Special Mathematical Relationship accurately pinpoints UP and DOWN Swings!
  • How many important Market Panics & Crashes Give Advance Notice Well in Advance!

 Be One of the Few to Learn the Inner Secrets to a Much Higher Level of Trading Success

 For Just $495.

You may also order our Full Course Version which contains many additional examples from the Stock, Commodities, Stock Indexes and Forex Markets for only $775 USD for BOTH Courses.

Don't let price moves like the ones shown above pass you by ever again!

Are You Ready For Your New Level of Trading Skill and Success?


We Accept Payments Thru:


Contact George by email:

Crypto Payment is the preferred payment methoespecially these days. It's just easier for all concerned to leave out the banks whenever possible. I'll send you our Bitcoin Wallet Address upon request.

However, if you prefer using one of the other payment platforms mentioned, I'll send you a payment request from your platform of choice, either or SKRILL.

NOTE: This offer is only available PRIVATELY through our private membership association, The Crypto Trader's Association. 

Past historical results are no guarantee of future performance.

You'll receive your Association application for acceptance when you e-mail me.

All funds received are considered Gift contributions in support of the Author's continuing research & publishing work and the costs of making these results available to our private membership group. 

The Crypto Traders Association is entirely gift-supported by it's private membership. We do not operate in the public regulatory domain.

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