The Dollar-Swiss Bull Market



Next Stop For The Current USD/CHF Bull Trend


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By way of revisiting the US Dollar-Swiss Franc (USD/CHF forex pair) market and the breakout trend we predicted several articles back, we find ourselves even more strongly established in that uptrend.

As stated before, this is largely due to the strong US Dollar. However, these two currencies make an unusually strong pair relative to most other majors out there today.

Having just recently taken out the 2015 Highs and, rising out of what has been a sideways trading market, we’re venturing into a new level of market momentum and activity.

The next level of price resistance and one which may stall the advance for weeks is the $1.0500 level.

This isn’t too far from today’s pricing and should be kept in mind if one is sitting on expiring options. Markets require pauses, especially after impressive rises (like this one) before deciding if enough momentum has been accumulated to continue the major trend. George