‘The Exponential Trading Method’: An Excellent Timing Tool For All Markets & Time Windows

​One of the most powerful, fastest and most useful tools for day trading is 'The Exponential Timing Method'.
This technique has the capacity to enter into new trends early, exit from existing trends just after their ends and keep stops mathematically aligned with the market's price actions while remaining close to the current price action taking place.
As shown on the charts below, 'Exponential' is acutely attuned to picking the turns in trend early. Very Early.
This technique will serve you well for those rapidly changing intraday markets as well as for longer-term markets.

​The Exponential Timing Method is available within the Master Course offering but, may now be purchased separately. Contact me by e-mail to receive the donation quote for this unique trading technique.

​An Excellent Timing Tool For All Market Time Windows!

​​The Value of 'The Exponential Timing Method' isn't limited to Day-Trading only. In fact, it's among the most versatile of all our trading methods being able to be applied to Daily, Weekly, Monthly and, yes, even Yearly time periods for those positioning their Portfolios with a longer-term perspective in mind.

​​Let's Take A Look At Some Of These Now . . .

​​If you're looking for Trend direction and turns in trend, at any trading time frame, you should really take a closer look at this simple-to-learn, easy-to-apply Natural Law-based market analysis technique.

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