The Financial Media is Not On Your Side

Day-after-day, week-after-week it goes on without end; I’m referring to the financial media’s selling of a market ‘viewpoint’ that’s at odds with Reality. The populace is far too wowed by and in deference to ‘authority’ figures on television, radio and print media than is financially healthy for their own good.


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Make no mistake, these financial outlets are actually ‘non-authorities’ as to where the profits are to be found in the markets. Instead, they’re actually public relations outlets whose main editorial content is aimed at placing investors on the opposite side of the real market trends.

The chart above is another example of an attempt to place investors on the wrong side of a major market move. In this case, COFFEE.

The implication of the report that said “Coffee prices are getting a jolt.” was that prices were continuing to rise and would rise even more into the future. Well, they didn’t.

Instead, the time picked by this widely followed financial media outlet for the ‘old’ uptrend to be over, actually ended up pinpointing what became the beginning of a major shift downwards and the absolute worst point at which to BUY and enter the Coffee market.


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The chart above shows how one analytical method (the Excalibur Method) assessed this same market.

The media saw a BUYING OPPORTUNITY instead of a selling point and could not distinguish that the important trend had now shifted downwards with plenty of low-side potential ahead.

The market dropped by $1.40 DOWNWARDS from where the media’s suggested prices were going higher.

This was a hypothetical profit potential of $52,500 per futures contract.

This is just one example and I’ve seen many, many more over the decades of research into the markets where the popular media got it completely wrong.

In fact, the inaccuracy of the media is far too spot-on to be coincidental. It’s far from the 50-50 right/wrong expectations of a random guess. Very far from it. Think about what that means at a deeper level for a moment.

In fact, the financial media can be used as a counter-confirmation tool to a sound analysis method (like that used on this site). In short, recognize the financial talking heads for what they are: touts for big-money vested market interests.

This website’s intention and the design of the methods used to analyze the markets has always been to protect the trader and investor from ‘surprises’ in the markets. To do that I’ve had to discover and re-discover (in Mr. Gann’s case) the fundamental laws of the markets and their structure. By doing so and analyzing markets with these tools a more stable and reliable result can be found. One that inspires growing confidence with use.

The results speak for themselves as the archives will show and my mission has been to teach the principles and methods that will allow you to do the same for your own interests and investments.

This knowledge will often guide you to advocate unpopular and seemingly contrary positions to those advocated by, among others, the financial media, but, the Truth requires nothing less from us.

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