The ‘FORECASTER’ Series Program

Long Ago, . . . W.D. Gann Became Famous For Predicting The Stock Market's Movements in Advance!

The Secret of Just How He Did It Had Been Lost . . .

. . . Until NOW!!!

One of the few clues Mr. Gann left behind, was what he called his 'MASTER 20-YEAR STOCK FORECASTING CHART' . . .

The chart on the left is one example of Gann's Forecasting Technique.

This chart was inherited by the caretakers of Mr. Gann's work and was updated last in 1984.

The updating was the easy part.

The real challenge was to determine how this chart could ever help one to predict future actions in the Stock Market.

Mr. Gann left no known notes on how this was to be done. But, he did leave clues scattered throughout his written works, courses and books.

Did he know how to do this? 

Most assuredly as his one-year prediction reports showed that he had some hidden method for anticipating future turns that were going to happen a year or more in advance.

Gann's one-year forecasts proved he could predict a year ahead in time, but, this MASTER FORECASTING CHART indicated that he could accomplish the same task looking ahead YEARS, even DECADES, into the future as well.

It took decades of looking as many 'lost' laws of Nature. These  had to be rediscovered, proven and laid in place like pieces of a 1,000-piece puzzle.

Discovering the 'Laws' that were Universal to all Markets was like finding border and 'edge' pieces of the puzzle first so that I could completely outline the 'work' and mysteries that needed to be solved:

The content of Gann's 'secret teachings' are spread over ALL his works.

These golden 'items' appear without comment or even emphasis in his personal price charts, courses, books and even within the titles to those that he carefully chose.

W.D. Gann came from a 'Mystery School' tradition as reflected in his Masonic background and, within this tradition, the Rule is: "Silence is Golden".

Only those willing to defend the Truth once it is found, (by holding on to it and keeping one's own Silence as well), are fated to obtain access to it.

Only a limited few will ever come to know how Time really works & repeats.

But Wait, As they say, There's Still More . . .

In addition to our NEW RELEASE: 'W.D. Gann's Stock Forecaster Chart' and the latest discoveries we've included within that Course, we'll also be including within the FORECASTER Series our other time projection techniques and discoveries.  

These include 'The Time Vibration Predictor', 'The Laws of Time & Turn In Trend' and our 2-Volume Course 'It's About Time'.

It's About Time - 2 Vol. Set

Each of these wonderful & Enlightening Courses will reveal another facet of the Diamond of Time in such a way that you can capture and use it's beauty in the form of the hidden mathematics that form it's structure and rule it's flow.

Pick the Courses of interest and e-mail me for the donation level request for those courses. For those interested in getting down to the very core of Time and the mathematical structure controlling it, these are the Courses I'd recommend to you all. 

The 'FORECASTER' Series Program.

Our newly assembled 'FORECASTER' Series Program will give you skills in how to work with Time in order to become a Master Predictor of market trends and price movements. . REMEMBER: Risk Management should always be your core focus at all times in trading.

The Skills you'll learn with our 'FORECASTER' Courses are the result of thousands of hours of study and tens of thousands of dollars in costs, and, it is almost certain that the information and discoveries disclosed within those special courses will never be found in the course of an average trader's Lifetime.

I'd also like to add that all of the techniques you'll get access to won't be found anywhere else on the planet as they were discovered or created by myself as a result of over 50-Years of my own private search for market 'truth'.

Yes, that Truth exists, but, is hidden below a mountain of misinformation and false trails.

The following four courses and techniques are available for access to those traders who wish to learn the Secrets of Time contained within these course techniques. You may access them one-at-a-time as our Gift for your donation pledge.  

Courses Within the 'FORECASTER' Series Program

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Once You Have Access To ALL The Hard-won, private information that these Special, Private Courses Reveal, you'll be able to . . .

  • Predict the Turning of Price Trends on a Decade, Monthly and even Daily price level as much as 60-Years into the Future!

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