The Long Hidden Secrets of . . .

'The Inner Secret of

The Twelve'


         The Lost Secrets To It's Existence, It's Application and . . .

 . . . To It's Success !

W.D. GANN: We Continue To Discover His Secrets!!

In this Course, we not only explore but set out and PROVED what was one of Mr. Gann's 'Inner' Secrets,

This is a truly secret concept that he never revealed in his courses or writings outright, but, which I was able to detect in use by him at the private level on some of his price charts. and was able to PROVE that Mr. Gann 

NOT ONLY was I able to unlock and re-discover the basic PRINCIPLE or CAUSE of the technique's accuracy, but, through tedious acquisition over the decades of some of Gann's rarest of private charts, I was able finally to PROVE that Mr. Gann used this very Principle in his own predictions!

We went where others feared, (or, couldn't conceive), to go and unlocked yet another Mystery behind Gann's amazing Forecasting abilities.

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