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'The 'MBP' Trading Method'!

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'Market Balance Point' . . . 'MBP'

By George R. Harrison

The Law of Balance Is Revealed For The First Time In This Amazing Course

  • Yes! This Method will work in ALL Markets
  • Yes! 'MBP' works at ALL time frames including intra-day
  • Yes, The Law of Balance will prepare you for how far prices can swing without changing the major trend.
  • Yes, you'll know where stops can be safely placed.
  • Absolutely, know when a change in trend has occurred.
  • Yes, this works for major, minor, even intra-day trends.

“Make No Mistake; This Trading Technique could easily become both the most important and the most used trading method in your entire toolbox". -  G.R. Harrison

'This Course is Important to your whole Trading Education. It's the First Course to apply 'The Natural Law of Balance' directly to the markets, ... ALL Markets. ALL time frames & very, very effectively.

A Fundamental Natural Law of the Markets, which I've kept under wraps for over 15-years is now being brought to view & will be offered to my most valued clients first.

If you have a minute to spare, here's a little more background on this discovery.

Those who have read my earlier courses know that my approaches to the markets over the last almost half-Century began as complex methods and grew, over time, (and, with more market-battle-won Wisdom) to become simpler, more effective and, because of their fundamental natural laws, more elegant.

Not elegant by my design, but, because I was able to strip away more and more of the man-made 'noise' and distractions to the Truth of the Markets.

The Market Balance Point Method is one of the results; a method that depends, for it's parameters, not on computer calculations, codes or obscure tables or formulas, but on the very markets themselves to provide the answers one seeks most to know about the Markets:

  • "How far can the market backup or surge without changing it's trend direction?"
  • "How far can prices advance before triggering the next significant upswing in prices in the trend's direction?"
  • "At what price level exactly will the present trend stop and reverse it's direction?

This Kind of Knowledge Opportunity Comes Along But Rarely In Life & Trading . . .

I've had the privilege of sharing some great secret techniques & methods over the years with my good friends & clients. My long research has guaranteed that excellent techniques are not scarce.

However, those methods which teach one a newly learned Principal or Law of Nature (in this case 'The Law o Balance') come along or are released only rarely even on a limited access basis.

Let 'MBP' Be Your Guide!

What once was confusion when viewing a price chart will now reveal The Natural Order and the Law of Balance. Quickly Find where the markets are going while others are left scratching their heads!

Take It With You Wherever You Go

I'll show you a technique where YOU hold the Knowledge & not some robot or piece of software. You'll Hold The Knowledge without being dependent on computers, software or other's opinions.

Finally, Know why market trends end!

Wouldn't you like to learn the real reason that markets rise and fall only to rise again? The Secrets of the Law of balance will reveal this mystery to you and allow you to prepare & profit from these constants of the marketplace.

For Clients that trade the SouthEast Asian Markets like the Nifty 50 Indian Index, MBP works very well on the Intra-day!      See the Intra-day Chart Below!!

"Some come to a love of trading and the markets slowly and later in Life, but, for me it came suddenly and very early. I can still vividly remember the first price chart I ever saw well over half a Century ago. Even at age 6, I just had to know what those lines and bars meant and tried, in vain, to learn that from my father (who did his best to explain it to such a young and inexperienced mind). Little did I realize how pivotal and predictive that moment was. That energy and love for charts has stayed with me to this day. I want to pass that energy & enthusiasm on to you along with a half-Century of acquired Knowledge of the Markets & their Ways."      George R. Harrison

PLUS . . .

. . . I'll also include a List of Rules for Trading the E-mini intra-day Market

'The 'MBP' Trading Method' was applied to the S&P 500 every day, in advance, for a Two-Year period to test out it's potential. It was truly amazing, but, In the process of following it, I found some additional rules to increase MBP's effectiveness even more!

These Will Included With Your Course !

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