The Meltdown Begins: Facebook & Twitter

               When Companies Destroy Their User Base . . .                    This Happens

Eventually, Fuel Runs Out On The Rocketship!

A whole generation has only known these two stocks as uni-directional (only going higher). This 'Buy-the-dip' crowd is too accustomed to only looking upwards to see  the cliff and vast canyon that they're rushing towards.

These Stocks Can Go Down Too!

Hardly a voice can be heard warning of the downside potential for these high-tech companies, but, companies that treat their customers with disdain and even contempt have forgotten the basic core fundamental of business success - CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

Millions of former clients have already been arbitrarily dropped and countless other millions are voluntarily migrating to better environments where they will be better treated like GAB.COM.

This is just the beginning of the fracturing of big tech by their own hands.

It's important to know that no one is restricted from the amazing profit opportunities that the markets present for declining stocks as well.

Best New Year Wishes: George