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Economies Grow & Crash. Political Parties Come & Go. Even Nations Rise & Fall, But, Know This Fact . . .

The Markets Will Keep On Trading!

This is a time of Mass Global Confusion. Most investors and traders are frozen in place like deer caught in the headlights . . .

This is an Era when we must look towards past History to be our Guide to the Future. The Truth is we need a good knowledge of the Past in order to shine & focus our attention on honing our Survival Instincts in today's economic cycle.

There's no need to be frozen in fear. Hard & confusing times have come before and, in each case, the Markets kept on trading providing a good living for those professionals who chose to make their living from the Markets.

If you wish to be one of those Survivors and among those that prosper while others are lost in confusion, then, you need to Find A Path to Trading Success and to Follow that Path to Trading Success without deviation.

Let us help you in this regard.

Our 'Path Finder' Series of Trading Skills will allow you to build up your trading skills one-step-at-a-time over time.  These Private Techniques have been developed over the last Half-Century of intense research and are now being made available to those donating to our continuing research work.

The one, single point of focus for us today should be to answer the question, "What part of the economy will carry on through the chaos and will not only triumph over them but,, PROSPER greatly from the chaos?"

The Single, Truthful two-word answer is:

The Markets.

The Present Times will prove that Survival will come to those Traders who 'know what they're doing.". 

The Skilled Will Inherit the Earth during this crisis period, not the 'meek' and unskilled. That's just the way Nature works. Always has. Always will.

Traders who master the elements of trading and who concentrate on Markets representing products that people actually need will be in a position to prosper and greatly.

The 'Path Finder' Program.

Our newly assembled 'PathFinder' Program will give you the skill set & techniques to become master predictors of market trends and price movements. This will include being able to pick WHICH Markets to enter, WHEN to enter and exit trades and HOW MUCH RISK there will be for every signal you produce. REMEMBER: Risk Management should be your core focus at all times in trading.

The Skills you'll learn with our PathFinder or other programs will save you thousands of hours of study and tens of thousands of dollars in losses while one is searching for market 'truths', (which most never survive financially long enough to find),.

I'd also like to add that all of the techniques you'll get access to won't be found anywhere else on the planet as they were discovered or created by myself as a result of over 50-Years of my own private search for market 'truth'.

Yes, that Truth exists, but, is hidden below a mountain of misinformation and false trails.

Just A Few Examples of the Skills You'll Learn . . .

Our Programs will save you from incredible levels of frustration, wasted time and money, and, today's economy requires some immediate decisions to be made if one is to be able to place themselves in the most prosperous and highest profit potential area for the difficult times ahead. Consider it. Think on it. Then, Act on those decisions by clicking the program that fits your needs and trading plans below.

The following eight courses and techniques are included within the 'Path Finder' Program. You may access them one-at-a-time as our Gift for your monthly donation pledge.  

Courses Within the 'PathFinder' Program

           These Private, Powerful Courses are Available to only a Limited Few

Once You Have Access to the Hard-won, private information that these Special, Private Courses Reveal, you'll be able to . . .

  • Predict the Beginning and Ending of Price Trends
  • Follow Major & Minor Trends
  • Detect Reversals or Changes in Price Trends
  • Learn the Secret Signal That Market Makers Reveal Just Before a Major Shift in Price Trends Take Place
  • Master the all-too-common 'Sideways' Market so you won't be fooled by false moves and price swings
  • Sense the internal 'balance' of price. Be ready and forewarned of impending price movements.
  • Know Mathematically, (and, VERY EARLY), when prices are going to Drop or Rise Dramatically.

Time To Make A Choice

The Keys to Superior Trading Are revealed in the 'Path Finder' Series of Trading Courses.

The 'Path Finder' Series is a Private, Step-by-Step, Progressive Market Trading Skill building Program. See the Selection Box Below:

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