‘Time Compression Trading’: The Emini

You Can Save A Lot Of Wasted Hours

When You Use Specialized Tools That 'Compress Time' !

No Long-term Successful Trader is in the Markets all the time! They patiently wait for price and time to align and only spring into action at those critical times.

By patiently waiting, they 'optimize' their time and avoid the 'noise' or 'swings' in price that chop up so many full-time traders.

Once The Market Set Up Today, It Only Took 25-Minutes for Profits To Expand To A Potential $2,500 USD!

Do You Really Want To Stay Glued To the Computer Screen All Day? It's Not Necessary To Be This Tied-down To The Market.

You see, not every moment in the Market is the same as every other moment. The purpose of most of the price action is to define the important moments that are coming up which will provide most of the gains of that day.

The KEY for you is to have market analysis 'tools' that are both Unique and Effective at tracking Time & Price instead of tracking popular, overused, ineffective, (and, probably 'hacked'), trading 'indicators'.

Trading 'indicators' track and treat every market moment as the 'same', therefore, most traders can't distinguish the most important points for Price & Time using this approach.

Our Unique Techniques: Optimize Your Entries & Exits

W. D. Gann was insistent that a trader or investor shouldn't be in the Markets all the time. In fact, he wrote that more money was made in less time from declines from major uptrends. So, you see that even W.D. Gann stipulated that some times were more optimal to trade than others.

'Time Compression Trading': The Silver Market

The Silver Market was another market that had opportunity present itself today.

Now, this market presented it full opportunity over a 3-hour period instead of just 25-minutes, but, 3-hours of intensely following a market beats trying to follow it for 18-hours or until one's eyes 'glaze over'.

In the Silver Market's case, an even larger gain was possible that for the emini mentioned earlier. There was a $2,750 USD possibility for those disciplined enough to follow one of our unique, proprietary techniques.

The essence of the techniques applied in the 2 examples shown above is that they each projected 'zone of permissible action' which allowed a trader to stand back from having to intensely monitor the price action until time expired and price started to deviate from it's acceptable parameters.

Once a signal is triggered, then, you intensely follow the market using the technique until it's calculated STOP provides the EXIT trade.

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