Track Records?:

Separating Truth from Fiction

The 'Average' Trader Thinks of Trading Like a Horserace

Almost Everyone Gets This Wrong!

Over Half-a-Century of Experience & Studies of Successful Trading Techniques and Market Masters Has Shown Successful Trading To Be More Like The Type of Race Shown Below . . .


It's the Slow and Steady application of True Knowledge that Ultimately Wins the Race! 

What You'll Find Presented On This Website

What are shown for our private members on the pages of this website are our extensive research results from over half-a-Century of investigations. All trade illustrations shown on charts are theoretical trade opportunity entry and exit points indicated using the mentioned trading technique of analysis.

Our Courses often show price charts for historical economic periods going back well over one-hundred years or more in order to verify that the principles or natural laws discovered have proven themselves to be operable during all time periods and market conditions. We only seek to publish natural law-based concepts that have a solid mathematical base.

Natural Law-Based Methods? Say, There May Be Something To This!

There certainly is! After all, don't we all want something as reliable as possible working for us when it comes to Trading? That's what you'll find with all our Course contents and deep study programs. Indeed, it's the very stabillity of Mathematical Law that is the Foundation behind all the Techniques that we've found to be the most responsive, repeatable and long-lasting when it comes to Understanding Markets and their Price Movements.

Human-Oriented Trading Skills! No A.I. Allowed Here!

You Won't Find Any Friend of A.I. Here. We're all about building Your Personal Trading Skills so that YOU can be in charge of your Life and not some mysterious, pre-programmed software!

How Can I Be Sure This Is Right For Me?

Occasionally, over the last 20-Years since I've been sharing this hard-won Knowledge, this question and others that create hesitation come up.

Our Policy: The same process that we've used both on our website and through e-mail to acquire our private members to our Association has been used successfully by ourselves personally or through the Association for decades now, and, it works fine for us. Our System of Selection of New Members includes this first Act of Faith as one of Initiation.

While it may seem new or foreign to you, I can assure you that it has worked amazingly well over many, many years now.

I could summarize it as this: We only seek to work with those who are compatible with this time-proven process of acceptance of new private students for our courses. Mutual Trust is the basis upon which our Members and ourselves operate. Trust sometimes takes time to establish and build. It too is a process that varies with each individual Trader.

Some 'yet-to-be' students take weeks, months, or even years to gain the confidence to take the next step in the learning process, (which they gain by watching our posts or reading our articles when posted on our website or sent out via our Special Reports to Members). This approach takes time just by it's nature. Things of true value can't be rushed or foreced.

This adjustment must come from the student's end, and, not mine, as, at my age, I'm sticking with what has worked for years and not changing at this point in my Life. We're not mass merchandising a product here, just offering access privately to a proprietary property to those few who are aware of it's true value and who are willing to pay the price for that Knowledge in Patience, Price and Effort to learn and apply it.

OUr materials are in the private, proprietary realm (which means that we carefully Guard access to them), as is our Association, so, we set the parameters of what's accep0table for our membership group to bot protect them and ourselves and are not subject to outside agencies demands, or, to so-called 'normal' expectations or opinions either.

You might say that we've, over time, set up an indeendent 'Trader's Island' in a Global Sea of Market Chaos.

Life Itself is Risky, With No Guarantees!

I make no guarantees as to profitability and hold no value in so-called 'trading track records', even if they were my own, as a lifetime of experience and communications with traders has proven that each individual trader is Unique and has a complex of psychological issues and factors working within them that will alter even the best established trading method possible.

In short, every trader will achieve different results using the same method from the same trading signals. I know it's hard to believe and yet, I assure you that it's a market Truth which I've seen proven over and over again.

You, and Only You, Must Be The Judge!

Therefore, a very long time ago, I decided to let my clients/students be the ultimate judges of the methods we provided them. Their long list of unsolicited testimonials over the years stands as the only proof that matters to me of each method's utility in the real world.

Of course, at first, every one of them also had to overcome this 'success' or 'track record' question before making a decision to proceed and acquire a method for themselves. The fact that they're still around and I'm still around after 50-years largely settles the question I think.

We're An Entirely Membership Supported Association.

If we didn't offer the very best Support in terms of Techniques and Trading Methods to our Members, then, we'd lose their continuing support and we'd be gone. It's that simple. 

But, instead of vanishing years ago, we've been able to continue to serve our private members for Decades now, and, better than ever through the publication of our Research revealing, not only Solutions to the Puzzles and Secret Teachings of W.D. Gann, the Master Trader, but also, revealing entirely new secret discoveries and original research of our own as well.

We're both humbled and proud of our accomplishments in adding over 50 distinct and original Courses & Techniques to the Association's Library Collection and the Private World.

Our private Association Members are composed of mature/experienced traders who understand these facts and are still willing to reach out and test additional trading methods which we've had the privilege of discovering over the decades.

The Very Best Has Been Sorted & Is Presented to You Here!

That's what we offer our Members and strive to provide them with the very best, unique trading information which is not in the public arena, as the public traders are intentionally misled on a daily basis to make the wrong decisions at the worst time leading to losses and discouragement.

Our approaches aren't 'normal' or 'ordinary', and, aren't meant for everyone. I'm 100% supportive of a trader being 'comfortable' with the trading approach that they are looking for.

For those who can overcome their initial skepticism, a whole new world of trading wonder and understanding awaits. I hope this explanation is helpful. If I may be of further assistance, please let me know. You can contact me by email at the address shown below.

George R. Harrison - Director

The International Trader's Research Association - A Private Member's Association



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