Tracking Some Weekly Price Trends

​Let's Look at Some Weekly Trends

​The ​EUR/USD & QQQ Weekly Major Trends

Above Shows The Major Eur/Usd Weekly Price Trends

Stay with these Trends and you won't find yourself lost in the 'noise'.

​Most traders get lost in the 'noise' of the intra-day and daily price movements.

When this happens, one can lose track of the larger 'picture'; that is, the longer-term Weekly & Monthly price trends.

​These longer-term trends have more 'momentum' or energy to continue the trend already in progress and should not be ignored by any trader in any market.

​The Below Chart Shows The Major Nasdaq Weekly Price Trends

​The above chart shows the stronger weekly price trends for the Nasdaq stock market index.

The last green up-sloping angle shows a sharp and strong up-trending price trend even on the weekly time frame.

These are not trends that one should bet against, even on the short-term as they will dominate the shorter time frame price action and will assert themselves ultimately re-aligning price action back into the trend direction that prevails at the weekly or monthly time level.

We have some excellent, unconventional ways of tracking the true market trends at the Daily, Weekly and Monthly time frames.

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