Trading Profits:
  • The Potential Vs. The Practical
  • Weighing the Risk & Picking Your Moment

    Not every entry and exit point is the same.

    This sub-rule of the Laws of Trading is foundational and critical to understand if one is to succeed in the competitive trading arena.

    We've been covering the Gold Market for the last few posts, so, let's continue and present our subject relative to that market.

    There is no such thing as a 'risk-less' trade. I'm sure that this is a known fact to our regular readers. So, that ridiculous notion need not be dealt with further.

    However, that doesn't mean we ignore Risk. On the contrary, every trade we take incurs risk, and, as Professionals, our task is to minimize that risk as much as possible while, at the same time, not really knowing, with absolute certainty, the future Potential of the trade we're entering.

    In the above Gold trade, we're looking at what would have happened if we had taken a longer view to the long entry yesterday and held it until today.

    By using a tool like our 'Levitas Principle' trading method, we would have known, (with a very high certainty), that our risk was not likely to exceed $400 USD and, armed with that information, that dollar amount became our root risk parameter. 

    KNOWING THIS PARAMETER, we can enter the trade as long as it meets our portfolio risk standards.

    As potential profits built up in line with the upwards movement in price, our Risk-to -Reward went from 100%, (at the start), to 22%, (at the $1,800 threshold), and then down to the present 13%. Further price movement upwards will decrease our overall risk parameter even more.

    Of course that's all just a mathematical exercise, the real 'gold' to this exercise is that we're been in theoretical profits since the beginning of this trade and are solidly on the plus side at present

    With Stops in place, only profit, (and, considerable profit at that!), will result from this trade at this point.

    There has been no further risk to the trade since it's beginning.

    Our Bottom Line is determined by our Risk vs. our Potential, and, in most cases we can only take an educated 'guess' as to the full potential of a price move.

    As that's the case, we need to exercise supreme control to the Risk side of the equation as that's the ONLY side of the equation we have real input and an element of control over. Read SLOWLY the Following . . . . .

    We don't control the Future.

    We can control our Risk.

    I've developed, written and published an excellent, (so say the professionals, not me), collection of techniques to help a trader reduce and control Risk to the highest degree.

    I'd like to encourage those of our readers who haven't viewed these Courses as Risk Reduction Tools before, to take another look at their necessity to be in your trading toolbox from that perspective alone.

    Risk Control is What Matters Most!

    Due to current events and conditions, which have caused shipping and delivery problems everywhere, these publications have become unavailable in published form.

    However, these Techniques and Courses are now being made available in a protected format and can be accessed through Private Donations Only and delivered in a Private, Secured, Digital Downloadable Format with full personal printing privileges. 

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    As our Courses and our Website remain 'obscure' by design, one has to be directed by FATE herself to find them or to even be reading this article.

    If you've been so directed to this particular point in Time and Space, there must be a reason for it.

    Do consider that deeply if you would. You've found the proverbial 'golden needle in the haystack' at this particular location during these particular Times.

    There must be a Reason for that process.

    Perhaps it's to pick up an idea that's been mentioned here or in another of the many articles I've written over the years on this website.

    Or, perhaps it's to explore further some need you have for some of the special techniques we've been carefully guarding at the Academy for just such visitors as yourself to discover and access for yourselves.

    I look forward to your contact and having you join our select group. The next step is up to you. Bold steps make for Bold People, - George 

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