"W.D. Gann's Greatest Trade":

"The Secret Art of Predicting Highs & Lows in the Markets."

Cracking the Code & Decoding His Famous 1909 Wheat Trade

Among W.D. Gann's many amazing achievements during his over half-Century trading career, none stands out as more mystical, more amazing than his ability to predict price levels in the Markets BEFORE THEY HAPPENED.

How He Did This Remained His Secret

The Holy Grail of Trading has been the ability to predict accurately what the price of a High or Low will be and to know that number in advance of getting there!

Though Mr. Gann kept his own confidences and never publicized his method, he did leave clues that could be followed up on by those who were willing to be relentless in their pursuit of that deep knowledge.

Gann's clues came in the form of his mathematical paths of inquiry. These were recorded in his courses to his students and in the fragments of his personal papers that have come to light over years since his death in the late 1950's.

This Quest for Truth Has Yielded A True Treasure!

A mysterious equation emerged from over half-a-century of deep research, trial and failure and testing with over a hundred years worth of data and thousands of price charts from the oldest known to the most recent.

This very equation, when applied to Mr. Gann's Greatest Trade gave the very solution that he is recorded to have given those many years ago.

But, Even More Importantly . . .

. . . This same equation was applied to other markets in other times and found to provide similarly accurate solutions for many of them.

I can't and don't claim that this formula will solve for ALL the markets all the time. But we seem to be 80% of the way there, although, there's still a factor or two that seem to remain just out of reach at present.

But, still, how would you handle the power to predict market price Highs and Lows with high accuracy even 80% of the Time?

Here Are The Steps To The 'Formula' . . .

  1. A Simple, Single Formula Template is applied to your Low or High price preceding is all you need for your first step.
  2. Perform a set of calculations recording the results on paper yielding 6 results.
  3. Perform a special assessment step that generally eliminates 3 to 4 of the possible results immediately.
  4. The remaining 2 results will be for a near-term High or Low and a Great Trend Move High or Low.
  5. Apply the result to your chart starting base to disclose where prices are headed.

Considering there are only 5-steps to a solution that everyone has been seeking since time immemorial, I think that that is a fair effort to expend in pursuit of such an elusive (and, previously thought 'impossible' goal.). This precious information used to be contained only within Module 03 of the Master Course.

Are You Willing To Put Forth This Modest Effort To Win This Prize?

Oddly enough, (as with most things of value that require effort), there will be many unwilling to grab this Gold Ring now that it's come around and is there for the taking.

This Method was previously only available to those who purchased the Master Course. This marks the first time that it will be released as a separately purchasable Course Manual.

This is your chance to procure a foundational answer to one of the most important questions in all trading: "How High"? "How Low"? The only other question to answer now is: "Are You Ready For This"?

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'W.D. Gann's Greatest Trade: The Secret Art of Predicting Highs & Lows in the Markets"