The Long Hidden Secrets of . . .

'W.D. Gann's Master  20-Year

Stock Forecasting Chart'


                                 The Lost Secrets To It's Success and, How It Can                                  Predict Future Years Of Stock Market Highs & Lows!

Our Mission?

To Decode & Understand W.D. Gann's Most Important Chart!!

Of all Gann's papers, courses and books, this could possibly be his most compact, informative, useful and valuable single paper. Few recognize it as such, but, that's because no one today knows just how to use it or how it works.

That All Changes TODAY!

Finally, after being essentially 'Lost' for almost 60-Years, W.D. Gann's  Master 20-Year Stock Forecasting Chart is again being made available. And, this time, a few lucky students & traders will UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS & WHAT FORCES MAKE IT SO ACCURATE!

The Master 20-Year Stock Forecasting Chart

The Master Chart above has been largely ignored by traders and students for almost 60-Years now, and, for good reason: 

The Missing Truth Was Always In The Title . . .

Over all this time, no one paid close attention to actual Title of this most valuable of Gann Papers: It was intended to be a 'FORECASTING' Chart for those who could unlock it's secrets!

Passing over this critical Key, others merely noted this chart as a curiosity. Nothing more, and, the reason was a simple one which no one would acknowledge and that was that . . .

No One Understood How It Worked!!

We had to go on a Treasure Hunt and dig down deep into our W.D. Gann materials to find clues to the Treasure we sought and followed many a false trail over these many years before we circled back around to find the Core Elements of Truth upon which this Stock Forecasting Chart was based and how to use it going forward into the future.

We Discovered It's Secrets!!

It's one thing to just view this Master Chart as a Historical Document, but, quite another to unlock the Secrets that turn this Master Chart into a Stock Market Forecasting Tool for the Future

We went where others feared to go and unlocked the Mystery behind this amazing Forecasting Tool that can predict future Years of important turns in the Stock Market many, many Decades into the Future!

We Put It To Work In Today's Markets  Too!!

Not only did we confirm our discoveries by looking over a Century into the Past, but, we've projected future turn years for the Stock Market for all of the 2020's Decade! 

This isn't 'hocus-pokus' either. Nothing mystical is involved or needed! We use purely mathematical Truths to arrive at our conclusions. Conclusions that are solid, but, not recognized by even above average traders today.

How Did We Pull Together What All The Others Couldn't?

We never quit in our pursuit! Perserverance was the watchword all along the way.

We also weren't afraid to make tests, face errors, make corrections and test again and again, always willing to go back to the Basics when all else failed!

I don't need to tell those of you who have been students of W.D. Gann's work for many years just how frustrating this work can become and how many times one could find reasons to quit along the way.

But, the Journey persisted and so did our pursuit of the Lost Truths behind this work of W. D. Gann's as well. The Journey is much of the Reward, it's true, but, .

. . . It Was A Brilliant Creation By W.D. Gann!

The Permanent Stock Forecasting Chart was a truly brilliant creation by a truly brilliant mind; that of W.D. Gann, the Master Trader and Market Analyst.

No one before, (or since, until now), had ever thought to encompass the totality of the Stock Market's History into a single sheet of paper, yet, that's exactly what Gann created!

There hadn't been an update to this Chart since 1984, and, that was largely because no one knew it's ultimate potential value as a Forecasting Tool and not just as a historical record.

We decided to, not only update the chart, (of course, going on to a new sheet of paper to accomodate the much expanded price ranges that have occurred since 1984), but to apply our discovery of how this chart really worked to project onwards into the Future for the coming Decade!

. . . It's Now Time To Share The Secrets Discovered!

This is the opportunity that many serious students of W.D. Gann have been waiting for.

All of the Principles provided are solidly based on Mr. Gann's previous writings and the missing application of certain statements that he made in his private papers and courses.

Do You Want 'In'?

There will always be those with 'inside' information. They have this edge because they, ironically, think 'outside the box' when it comes to trading the Markets, and, when it comes to this, there are those who are 'In' and, the masses who are 'out' of the information loop.

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