WD Gann's Greatest Secret Solved!

WD Gann


W.D. GANN and his incredible investment achievements are legendary.

Over $50 million was reputed to have been taken from the markets by Mr.Gann using methods shrouded in secrecy and mystery – until today, that is!

One of his Greatest Achievements and most public trades was the September Wheat trade of 1909.

Mr. Gann was able to predict that the price of Wheat would reach $1.20 before the end of the contract even though price was no where near that level the day before.

This achievement was recorded by a 3rd party magazine reporter and published for all to read at that time.

To this day, it stands as singularly unique and mysterious as to method. You can view a chart of this trade here.

How was he able to determine something as supposedly ‘random’ as price so successfully over and over again?

It wasn’t magic, it was method. Carefully concealed method.

WD Gann Definitely Had Secrets

Those secrets concerned fundamentals of Nature which are not even known to this day and were the results of decades of private research by Mr. Gann into every market known in his time and even price data and charts extending back hundreds of years.

He found “something” that gave him an unbeatable edge over all other traders.

Enough, it’s rumored, to parlay his private fortune to over $50,000,000 . . .

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