Like Mr. Gann, after long, lonely hours (and decades of them) in pursuit of a deeper and more fundamental level of understanding the markets, price movement and trend, Mr. Harrison has met with SUCCESS! And, one of those achievements has been the solution to one of Mr. Gann’s most famous trades: The September Wheat trade of 1909! Mr. Harrison found a mathematical structure and solution that has worked on other historic charts for time periods even up to present times and markets as well. Far beyond merely the results of duplicating a historic trade though, is the greater importance of showing that there really is a higher order behind the markets. Markets that others brush off as “random” have been proven to be far from random at all. And, there have been further revelations . . .

The three greatest accomplishments that W.D. Gann achieved were based on his secret discoveries. Those accomplishments were:

  • Predicting precise prices of tops and bottoms to certain markets.
  • Projecting High and Low Price turns years in advance.
  • Projecting the next years Stock Market, Gold and other markets micro-swings.

The Secrets behind these 3 achievements have been virtually unbreakable for over one-hundred years.

Mr. Harrison attributes the difficulty to a misdirection and faulty mindset as to what the possibilities are and the fundamental laws that govern all price and time. He’s been privileged to re-discover these Principles and will reveal them to a very limited group of students each year.

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