Trading As a ‘Magnum Opus’: A Great Work

A ‘Magnum Opus’ or ‘The Great Work’ (as the Alchemists used to express it) is a transforming process that requires one to turn their vices into virtues in order to function at the level needed to succeed in all aspects of Life, not just trading. Sounds mystical, doesn’t it.

But, the results from such a ‘magical’ transformation affect trading results  as well! As your studies progress, I assure you that you’ll learn to put aside some preconceived ideas about how this Universe works.

The Universe we live in is stranger than we can imagine but abides by a set of rules largely unknown to us. These Natural or Mathematical Laws allow for Cause and Effect and other principles to provide a foundation of order to the World and to the Markets as well.

This is a Quest for perfecting virtues (like Patience, Reason and Action, etc.) and diminishing the effects of fear, greed, impatience, inaction and imprudence.


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