Here’s a little something that most don’t know about WD GANN: Much of the Gann-type level of information is not about a trading system at all!

But, it is about understanding TIME, PRICE and SPACE and their relationships which, in turn, allows one to see the structure of trends, prices, tops and bottoms and even project to tops and bottoms years, even decades into the future accurately. If you’ve seen the standard Gann courses & books offered, you’re aware that studying them quickly becomes a confusion of numbers.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers! Lots of charts too, but no real understanding of why those charts were used and what concepts may be hidden within them.

Mr. Harrison teaches concepts that cut through the clutter and tie the seemingly random pieces together into a unified whole. He clearly states that he doesn’t want to convey that this information or discoveries will make one rich instantly. They just won’t.

He says that, “To be useful, Principles have to be put into a useable form that can be applied easily to market price charts.” And, further says, “That that’s exactly what I’ve done with several techniques I’ve created around the principles that both Mr. Gann and I had to learn in order to understand markets and their price actions better.”

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