WD Gann Angles, Circles & Squares 4

My purpose on this website is to re-introduce these ‘lost’ WD GANN methods to new generations of traders and investors by giving some examples of what they can accomplish without the need for software, calculators or even computers if one found themselves in that situation.

A price chart with enough price history is all you need to implement this or any of the many other techniques that you’ll find within the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course.

The easiest way to get started and the first step is by purchasing the EXCALIBUR METHOD program.

This will reveal hidden information on your price charts that will show upcoming BUY & SELL price points as well as hidden ‘lines of intention’ or momentum that underlies every market and, which can be extracted from every price chart.

You can do this without software or even a computer and, it’s elegant in it’s simplicity.

One of the reasons the standard trading software tools don’t work effectively and consistently is that they’re based on seemingly ‘logical’ assumptions about the markets and their movements. Unfortunately, it’s a faulty ‘logic’ that’s not based on the same system that WD GANN used in his methods and writings.

WD GANN used Natural Law based approaches to his analysis and most of those ‘Laws’ are unknown to today’s traders and certainly aren’t taught within the school system.

WD GANN discovered this Truth, and, although it was lost with his passing, much has been re-discovered over these past decades and is offered within the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course today.

Should you be seriously interested in taking the Course, e-mail a request and I’ll send you more information about the Course contents and cost. – George