There are many traders seeking the links between WD GANN, ASTROLOGY and the MARKETS.

There are ample examples of  Mr. Gann’s use of and interest in Astrology, however, I think that one needs to view Astrology the way that Gann himself did: as a supplement to greater Laws and techniques.

WD GANN: Ancient Egyptian Zodiac

Ancient Egyptian Dendera Zodiac

In an obscure 1919 interview, WD Gann had this to say on the subject:

“An astronomer can predict to the minute when an eclipse is going to occur, but you would not consider him a prophet, would you? Of course not. He simply makes use of mathematics based on known laws of the movements of the planets in their orbits.

I have found in my researches that the Chinese understood all those laws and computed the coming of eclipses thousands of years before the Egyptians and Chaldeans. It is marvelous the knowledge that these ancients had. In making my predictions I use geometry and mathematics just as an astronomer does, based on immutable laws which I have discovered. There is nothing supernatural or weird about it.

Some weeks ago I read an interesting article on the failure of astrologers in their predictions regarding the war. Now there is a great deal in the vibrations of the planets, but to make accurate predictions the great law behind it all, which the ancients understood, but which they purposely refrained from putting in their books, as they wanted to keep the secret for themselves, must enter into the calculation.

That is why astrology fails, for nothing can be accurate that is not based on mathematics – and so few astrologers are mathematicians.”WD GANN  1919 interview

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