WD Gann’s Angles

WD GANN is probably best remembered for his legacy of using Geometric Angles and applying them to price charts of all markets.

WD Gann December Cotton Monthly Chart

WD Gann December Cotton Monthly Chart Showing His Use of Angles

His personal charts used during his trading career are filled with his special angles which emanate from price tops and bottoms (and other locations) and which traders today consider to be used for following the trends of markets.

However, there were other uses for these angles.

Some of which were based on Gann’s inner and more mysterious geometric work than the obvious interpretation given by the ‘surface level’ interpretation of traders today or since Gann’s passing from the trading scene in the mid-1950’s.

In the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course, you’ll find another exciting and even more accurate application of Mr. Gann’s angle choices and one that’s based on the same foundational work that WD Gann left records of in his courses and notes.