WD Gann’s Data List Secrets

An area of study that’s been almost entirely neglected concerns WD Gann’s data list secrets.

These data lists were largely contained within his books, not his courses.

They’ve remained there to this day, untapped as to their meaning beyond the obvious recording of historic price moves.


How to Make Profits in Commodities book cover

To understand the totality of Gann’s methodology, we need to understand that he broke up his teaching knowledge into three areas:

  • His Books,
  • His Courses and,
  • His Charts

In fact, unknown to most, a critical part of WD Gann’s legacy is contained within his several book’s data lists.

These lists are meant to be combined with certain formulas that will yield price projections into the future as well as major swing years when they will happen.

In essence, these function as Gann’s data base from which he constructed charts, projections and forecasts.

Too often, students latch onto a single aspect of Gann’s work and become blind to the rest.

Astrology, Gann angles, Squares of 9, 12, 24 etc., anniversary dates, etc. need to be considered parts of a whole work.

In WD Gann’s caseThe Great Work.

He indeed was able to take simple price data that was as common and valueless as lead and turn it into GOLD that he took from the markets over a 50-year period.

Some of these previously lost secrets have been rediscovered and are now revealed within the pages of the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course.

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