"How I Was Able to Quickly & Accurately Track Every Shifting Price Trend Using Only A Small, Handheld Template and . . . 


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WD Gann's & My Escape to Simplicity and . . . Accuracy

Introducing: The Cross-Hairs Market Timing Effect

The Cross-Hairs Market Timing Effect was conceived and derived from a Principle that was mentioned by W.D. Gann in one of his writings many years ago. Overlooked by virtually every one of the few traders who have even read his courses and writings. Mr. Gann only mentioned this important 'item' in passing,

But, as Gann seldom mentioned things that were unimportant, I decided to dig deeper. Much deeper to see what treasure awaited below the surface. Eventually, I found the hidden 'Gold' that lay beneath the surface fact. Much to my amazement, what I found 'worked' and worked with enough frequency (over 80%+ by my estimation) to be a valuable addition to our 'REDISCOVERING WD GANN'S LOST SECRETS' COLLECTION'.

What's The Greatest Trading Challenge Today?

What's really needed by traders today? What do you need in order to trade more effectively . . .

. . . To Trade more fearlessly . . . To make faster more accurate trading decisions?

What you need is a trading process you have more Confidence in.

What would the Ability to make a rapid analysis of whether to Buy or Sell Now be worth to you?

But, here's an important point to ponder. Are you, as a sophisticated Investor or experienced Trader able to accept a Simple Answer to all the questions asked above, or, are you too 'sophisticated' to believe that something 'Simple' can work as well or much better than the best of the most complex algorithms and software out there?

How about having the Simplest looking of Trading Templates that can give you those very answers that you seek to find? Can your Ego accept that? Are you content with RESULTS enough to set aside pride and ego in pursuit of actually Winning the Battle for Profits instead of just 'playing the game'?

The Master Trader W.D. Gann himself was observed to enter the trading pits armed with only a 'slip of paper' from which he conducted his profitable career on Wall Street. Gann believed in wading through a maze of complexity, Mathematics and Geometry in order to sift it all down to ever simpler ways of presenting the Laws of Nature he re-discovered.

Follow the Leader in this regard I say. You're about to discover this very same process in our latest addition to our one-of-a-kind, 'REDISCOVERING WD GANN'S LOST SECRETS' COLLECTION'

I've followed WD Gann's lead and have reduced an important, but, hidden Principle down to the seemingly Simplest of Trading Tool Templates that can be rapidly and accurately applied to almost any price chart available for any market.

A Basic Truth: What You Don't Know Can't Help You.

Look; you've always known that there's a hidden order to the markets. There has to be; You can feel it at times! WD Gann knew this as well and solved many of the market's mysteries during his marvelous trading career of over 50-year's time.

If you've been one of the fortunate few, who have purchased our research & trading methods discoveries, then, you've discovered the Truth behind those feelings. You've already 'tasted' the truth of it.

Want Another Bite From The Market 'Truth Pie'?

You may already be the proud owner of one of our excellent Trading Techniques, but, that doesn't mean that you wouldn't like to know more about the deeper truths of the markets or that you wouldn't want to put a portable, mysterious and profitable tool like The Cross-hair' Market Timing Effect to work for you in achieving your investment return goals.

It's good to have several tools in a toolbox. You can't build a house with just a hammer and a screwdriver alone. Those tools need some supporting tools as well and so do you!

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This New Technique is excellent for New as well as Seasoned Traders and Investors. It's easy to learn, easy-to-apply (in seconds!) and, deeply satisfying in it's ability to sweep confusion from the price charts leaving only the organized clarity of pure trend behind to act on. It's Refreshing and Satisfying, which are unusual words to apply to a trading technique and the markets!

Every true WD Gann aficionado should have this technique in their 'back pocket', ready to use at a minutes notice.

Accordingly, I've decided to temporarily make this New Course available separate from the Master Course Collection. You can obtain it today for . . .

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