WD Gann’s Lost Swing Chart Technique

 Before the advent of modern day bar charts, earlier traders like WD Gann developed ways of using SWING CHARTS for the markets being covered.

WD Gann Swing chart for SOYBEANS

WD Gann Swing chart for SOYBEANS

Swing charts eliminate the time element from charts by concentrating on the Price element’s volatility only.

The closest equivalent today and direct descendent of the old swing charts are POINT & FIGURE CHARTS or P&F charts.

As Mr. Gann made great success trading before he commonly used price bar charts, he obviously had to have a technique or way to interpret these charts to trigger his actions to trade a market.

By reversing some of the recently rediscovered approaches from Gann’s papers and charts and working backwards towards the Swing Charts, I was able to discover a magnificent technique for discovering breaking points in price trends.

Gann would have had to have used this as it was a method that he used later in his career as well. This technique is included within the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course.