It Was Close, But, We’ve Survived The Monster Hurricane O.K.

​First, let me express my gratitude to the readers and clients who sent me e-mails of concern and well-wishes preceding our encounter with this Category 5 monster Hurricane. Your thoughts and concerns were and are very much appreciated.

Thank you all so much.

We were most fortunate to have been spared major damage and to have our power and internet restored within a day, (if intermittently for the present). 

Our thoughts and concerns rest presently with our neighboring Caribbean Islanders who have suffered great losses and also for those still in the path of this destructive storm in the days immediately ahead. 

Lessons to be Drawn from this Experience

Having spent many decades slowly extracting the Laws of Nature that are at the bedrock of the Markets, it's particularly impressive when Mother Nature herself brings the lessons right to one's doorstep.

Such was the case with the monster Hurricane named IRMA which came as close to us as possible without wiping us off the island like it did to so many others in St. Thomas, Barbuda, Anguilla, Tortola, St. John and more.

The lesson of the fragility of our physical world has been driven home these last few days. Many more are about to learn that lesson as well it seems if this storm continues on it's course to the US Mainland. I was 'invited' by Mother Nature to give some deep thought to just what I may have to sacrifice and what little I could carry should evacuation become necessary. It's became a very sober and Human Moment of Contemplation of what is truly important.

What's truly valuable and what's not? Decades worth of Research notes, charts and courses? Important, yes, but, Life & Health wins out the argument as primary in importance every time. Fortunately, this time, no sacrifice was necessary for  the sake of survival. But, it gives one pause over what could have been lost.

My main goal for my courses has been to gradually ​introduce Principles; Laws of Nature and Mathematics that apply to the Natural World as well as the Market World. It's been my intent that these Principles be learned, absorbed or understood at the most fundamental level so that a trader or investor could stand on their own where ever they found themselves and know that their skill was intact and as portable as they were. I want to pass this knowledge on to the next generation, two or three. I've been fortunate in that most of the Course Knowledge has found it's way into the hands of a few good folks scattered very thinly around the World.

Knowledge which has been well-absorbed and internalized is all we can carry with us under some extreme conditions. This very same piece of Wisdom was immortalized in Ancient days and expressed within the Latin phrase 'Omnia mea mecum porto' (All that's mine, I carry with me.).

I hope that, you also, give this phrase some thought and gain appreciation for the skills you have and the relationships you hold dear. In the end, the material things dim before these greater things.

Thank you again for your support and well-wishes. I hope to reply to all e-mails in the next day or so. - George