Viewing WD Gann’s work through the lens of his Natural World View opens a fresh doorway of understanding and perception.


This new perception is as different as that between a microscope and a telescope. Both use lenses but the scope of their perceptions are of two entirely different worlds.

WD Gann’s world was one of Price, Time, Volume, Astrology, Mathematics and Geometry.

In Gann’s world these all were connected with threads mostly defined by Mathematics and Geometry.

Astrology was included only in the sense that the placements of planetary objects were just another part of the world we live in and, therefore, had connections that weren’t so much magnetic or even electrical in nature, but, primarily mathematical and time related.

One of WD Gann’s number wheels is shown on this page largely symbolizing the wholeness of the Circle which represents a complete cycle. Geometry that is underlying the reality of this world view is also indicated by different shapes shown within the circle.

Mr. Gann developed many of his techniques using this ancient perspective and, I believe that this same alternate view of Nature will aid you in your WD Gann studies as well. – George

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