A Look at Intraday ‘Gann Astrology’



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To continue from our public page, you’ll see that there is a blue circle near the top price candle of Thursday’s market on January 14th, 2016.

This price point represents a special point identified through a process that I call ‘Gann Astrology’.

The word ‘Astrology’ as I wrote yesterday is really a misnomer to attach to W.D. Gann’s work.

Mr. Gann himself stated that Astrology as practiced, had lost track of it’s roots and become a belief system rather than the scientific tool that later became represented as Astronomy today.

Clearly, there are astrological references in Gann’s papers, so, why did he use them?

In my opinion, there’s one strong reason: Easy Data Access.

You see, astronomic data was difficult for a non-astronomer to get access to and there were only a few academic publications that were available in that day. However, Astrologers had easy access to this planetary data through the Astrological Ephemerides  Tables or the Annual Ephemeris.

W.D. Gann used the annual ephemeris to keep track of his calculations and, I have copies of his personally annotated annual ephemeris tables which bear this out. 

But, why Astrological listings of planets?

Simply because they were easy to purchase and follow. He just needed to translate his observations from ‘Astrology Speak’ into a more logical, scientific format and then applied in a certain way to the charts-at-hand.

Using Astrological symbols for the planets was just a good ‘shorthand’ notation device which he applied to some of his papers and charts. Incidentally, the same symbols have been inherited and are used today by modern Astronomy.

Now, on to our chart for the stock market.

To expand on yesterday’s chart showing a Yearly Cycle Top, I thought it would be ‘fun’ to explore how to use this same approach to explore price movements at the intraday level.



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This is the January 15th, 2016 Dow equivalent chart.

If one had taken this signal as a place to SELL, then, today (January 15th), would have been a pleasant experience indeed!

The movement downwards was relentless from midnight on wards.

Here’s the point of this ‘just-for-fun’ exercise; the same principles of  ‘Gann’s Astrology’ work at micro as well as the macro level.

Yesterday was a Yearly Cycle.

Today, we find it working at the 15-minute, Intraday, price candle level.

This is the type of comforting knowledge that I like to lean on when I look out at a seemingly chaotic world.

How about you?

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