Charts Pick Opportunities – Not the ‘News’

 The Media: Everything Old is ‘News’ Again


To become a fully conscious investor with a sharp sense of the opportunities that the markets offer,  one has to eventually become aware that the markets are a strategic battleground of the mind. The Chinese sages said that ‘All War is Deception’ and the markets are no exception to this rule. It’s always been this way, but, few speculators keep this in mind when making their decisions.


To succeed in a war it’s necessary to understand who your enemies are. A major obstacle to success in trading and investing is assuming that the financial media is on your side in your battle for profits. It’s an underlying assumption that they must be on your side, right? Wrong.

I have historical records that absolutely amaze one with the complete inaccuracy of the major financial publications in their timing for articles about market conditions. In fact, they so consistently miss-call market trends as to defy all probabilities in their inaccuracy. In short; it’s beyond all chance that these ‘errors’ could be so accurately ‘wrong’.

That’s simply because, my friends, the mainstream financial media is your ‘enemy’ when it comes to investing accurately. They are vested corporate interests owned by the same 1% that are the major market investors and movers. These corporations merely function as public relations firms that advocate and create a crowd of retail customers for their 1% overlords. After all, these wealthy market makers have to have a large group of investors to buy from and sell to.

This isn’t personal, it’s just good business from their perspective. Our responsibility is not to be gullible and buy what they’re clearly selling through their ‘news’ headlines.

anewsTake a look at a recent typical mainstream financial headline for day of May 28, 2014.

Take careful note on just what the wording of the headline implies.

I’ve quoted the headline and applied it to a chart for the market discussed which you can view to the left.

The headline reads: ‘Stocks halt four-day win streak . . .”.

The subtle implication is that not only have stocks stopped their strong uptrend, but, that their now falling and that the trend is downwards. After all, the word ‘halt’ has been used and it’s subconscious message is taken in to create either hesitation to Buy or to sell out what one has held up until this point.

anews2How would this ‘advice’ disguised as ‘news’ have worked out for a stock holder?

The green lines on the chart to the left show what the trend really was even when this headline appeared.

Had one sold off their position based on the headline ‘news’, they would have missed a 300-point rise in the market that followed!

Worse. Those who read this headline and hesitated to believe that the market was actually heading higher failed to engage in the game during one of it’s most attractive and profitable periods.

That’s the problem with mainstream information; it wins for it’s owners in two ways, by inducing fear and by creating hesitation. – George