WD Gann Lost Secrets and Mysteries


When discussing trading methods, markets and W.D. Gann, there’s much confusion as to his meaning and methods. But, market researchers and traders do agree on this though:

W.D. Gann left a Great Mystery to ponder and a massive paper trail to search through for clues.

He also left a huge market trading legend behind that’s inspired generations of seekers.

Most traders and investors are deceived as to what W.D. Gann did reveal of his discoveries in the markets. Even those who went to the source and bought Mr. Gann’s writings, have purchased books and manuals thinking they’ve bought a ‘Solution’ to the Mystery rules underlying Mr. Gann’s trades.

But, what they’ve really bought was something altogether different than what they had in mind. And, this was intentionally done by W.D. Gann and part of his process.

People for the last hundred years have only been buying a ‘Proof’ that a Solution exists . . . Somewhere Else!

The formulas and the laws they’re based on are not described in his writings!

Well, how did that happen?

I believe there’s a simple explanation and that it stems from Mr. Gann’s foundational belief structure plus his Historical & World view.


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