The Master Trader Course

For those Few Seekers:

The Harrison-Gann Master Trader Course

I’ve gathered together the sequence of discoveries made over the last 45+ years into a correspondence program which is called The Harrison-Gann Master Trader Course.

The Harrison-Gann Module Set

The Harrison-Gann Master Trader Course

Below are links to a quick overview of the subject areas covered in this Master Course which include new discoveries as well as many rediscoveries of  WD Gann’s ‘Lost’ Trading Secrets which are applied in his various courses, books and papers but never explained or revealed.

The following links will give a quick overview. Click the links to examine.

The above modules build one-upon-the-other to firmly establish the hidden laws of mathematics and geometry that comprise the World of WD Gann.

However, every single module in the Master Course set also imparts one or more trading techniques which can be directly utilized and which can stand on their own in the markets immediately.

It was my intention to simulate the order in which these discoveries were made as each technique and understanding was brought to light while standing on the shoulders of the discoveries which preceded it.

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