The Value of WD Gann’s Work Today

The Value of WD Gann’s Work Today

WD Gann’s pursuit of Knowledge and accumulation of Wisdom was a costly process, the cost required by Nature herself before she’ll reveal her secrets.

diogenesmod1-BMr. Gann taught a few students some of his simpler techniques over the years. This much is known.

What is less understood is the real cost of that information in today’s dollars (2015).

Gann reportedly sold one of his courses for $5,000 during the 1930’s Depression! Yes, there were those who were more than willing to pay during even those economically challenging times.

If we take the time to work out this value in today’s dollar terms, we’d find that this single course of Mr. Gann’s course, (if he were alive to explain and support it), would be valued at $86,186.

This clearly means that if Gann had chosen to teach his real trading techniques, their value would be well into the 6-figures in today’s dollars.

You can check this out for yourself at this site by using 1932 as the base for the Depression and typing in the $5,000 amount for the single course mentioned.

It should be noted that this was the quoted cost of a single course at that time (we’re not sure which course). Gann did not produce a single, comprehensive course for his work, but, several courses that were, (thankfully), later combined by the Billy Jones Family (who have been caretakers of the Gann Archive for decades).

Of course, what really matters here is that, even at these prices, Gann didn’t convey his greatest secrets in these marketed courses. He never did.

He preferred to leave obscure clues to lead students towards the direction that he himself had followed and point them in the direction where they would have to discover those secrets for themselves and by themselves.

One may assume that they turned to Gann for personal support and understanding when they desired deeper understanding. There’s evidence to this effect from letters that have surfaced from his clients over the years. Mr. Gann approached the more esoteric subjects, like Astrology and the markets, privately with his clients in just such a manner and there are examples of letters that confirm this.

Deep Knowledge and understanding is best conveyed and acquired through the Socratic manner with questions being asked after materials are studied. It would appear that WD Gann followed this approach to mentoring. The real point being that personal support and contact made the difference and probably led to deeper levels of understanding than the printed courses left behind would indicate.

And, as to the value of his research and techniques, his reported $50-million take from the markets (equivalent to $861,864,963 in today’s dollar value!) speaks for itself. Certainly everyone who learned this level of trading information received the bargain of their lives!

Now you can receive details solving the mystery, with The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course, with details that Gann never revealed, including the math behind the methods.

And, you may now access this information for far less than today’s equivalent cost for that single course that Gann sold back in the 1930’s!

As the research continues, the Master Course will grow and you’ll have access to the researcher George R Harrison for many years after purchase, for any questions or clarification you may have about the course.

This is a very high value and exclusive course of instruction and techniques. It will always be intended for those few who seek MORE and those who are only content with a HIGHER LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING. The course content grows in value as new discoveries and re-discoveries are made.

The significant cost reflects the significant effort taken over 45 Year’s time in order to discover and assemble this Master Course. How much is Knowledge worth that can be found nowhere else? Knowledge always comes at a high cost. WD Gann paid this cost. I paid this cost. Are you just as determined and willing to pay the cost too?

This is the price that Nature Herself exacts in order to acquire Her Wisdom. I welcome those of you with the same level of determination and drive to KNOW.

Price & availability are something we discuss privately by e-mail, as subjects of this importance should be. You must make the effort and the next move; those are Nature’s Rules. I’ve learned over the decades not to fight those Rules but to go with them (as should you).


I welcome all who are willing to follow this Path that the Master Course lays out before you.  – George