WD GANN: The Great Cycles of History


Among WD Gann’s most important work was his insistence that historic price patterns repeat in varying intervals.

Gann detailed out that 20-year, 30-year and 60-year cycles were very important for market trends.

200 Year Commodity War Cycle ChartHowever, there’s other cycles that can open the door to understanding our present times and economy as well.

We think that things are chaotic out there in the Economy and the World today, but, that’s just because we aren’t applying a distant enough perspective and enough historic evidence to the problem.

Mr. Gann made these comments about Economics and Politicians in his time:

“…CYCLES in business and the Stock and Commodity Markets have always repeated and always will.

Nature’s laws are unchangeable and no man or set of men can change them.

The New Dealers have not proved that they can stop inflation. They claim they can prevent DEPRESSION and PANICS, but no one has succeeded in doing it in the past and the next few years will prove that our Government leaders cannot stop a DEPRESSION by WASTE and SPENDING. . . .

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