Indeed, Mr. Gann gave an important clue to this in both the introduction & the dedication page of his 1942 book  ‘How to Make Profits in Commodities’.

WD Gann's 'Solomon Code'

WD Gann’s ‘Solomon Code’

In this book, Gann presents quotations from ‘SOLOMON‘ as the important starting point for the book.

This shows how valuable this coded reference to ‘The SUN & MOON’ or ASTROLOGY was to Gann’s work and he left these clues to those who would follow his Path to Knowledge and Wisdom.

Earlier still, back in 1927 WD GANN wrote the book ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’ which is filled with veiled imagery and esoteric terms and dates which are oddly specific for a ‘work of fiction’.

How did this book begin?

In the introduction to ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’, ‘SOLOMON’ is quoted in the introduction to the book.

In this way, Gann left a extremely valuable clue right in plain sight for ‘those with eyes to see’ that this book was a book whose keys were about:


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