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W.D. Gann personal chart for May Soybeans

Anyone who studies price charts today owes a great debt to W.D. Gann and his technical work. During his 50 years of trading and research, he developed hand-drawn techniques for following the markets using price charts that have not been surpassed to this day.

A little understood fact is that Mr. Gann had several uses for the tools we find on his personal charts and wasn’t confined by the strict interpretations of today’s traders.

Without a knowledge of certain natural principles (which Gann discovered early in his career), one is severely handicapped when viewing his courses, charts and papers.

As a result of this foundational omission, much of what has been taken from Mr. Gann’s visible papers and charts have been, in my opinion, misinterpreted and/or misunderstood entirely.

Misunderstood to the point where most price charts today are almost useless for accomplishing the levels of success that Mr. Gann achieved from his hand-drawn charts.


G.R. Harrison – Master Chart Analyst in the WD Gann Tradition

I directed my mission to finding out why that is and, that search, has brought about the discarding of virtually every current technical tool.

Those years of search also led to the revelation that WD GANN had actually discovered far more than anyone today seems to be aware of: A predictable symmetry of Price & Time that lays the ‘random walk’ theory of markets forever to rest.

I’ve been encouraged by others to share more of the background to the studies and research discoveries made over these long years. Although, I don’t think of my story as unique or even interesting, others insist that, not only is it interesting but, that my story on how I came to this place and to these results, provides an important puzzle piece clue to approaching ALL the WD Gann writings.

The critical piece that readers such as yourself will be able to use to complete the puzzle of just why it is that I’ve been able to accomplish these original discoveries and WD Gann re-discoveries while so many others over the last 100 years have not.

The less than ego-gratifying answer is WORK; Thousands of hours of research time spent and endless technical experimentation on price charts to mostly disprove relationships and techniques.

But, every now and then . . . .

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