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The Search for Truth Continues

But, every now and then, a light would flicker in the darkness and something lasting would surface from my notebooks, calculations and precious, scribbled notations.

That process, repeated over and over eventually exposed me to thought processes that ordinary folks just haven’t had time for. They’ve been busy building lives and careers.

All during this time, I was building a solid base.

A Foundation of basic, previously unwritten or veiled Knowledge that was immune to the sands of time.

This base of natural law has been what has edged me forward, one-idea-at-a-time towards a larger and better understanding of markets, price movements and even the very Times we’re living today.

But, this information came from an unexpected direction than what ‘logic’ would assume it to come from.

And, in particular for the WD Gann portion of my discoveries, I will share a shocking, almost blasphemous truth about my achievements; the greatest revelations came from discovering and understanding the Great Natural Principles. and then, later, seeking out if there were clues of these Principles being applied within Mr. Gann’s papers and writings.


G.R. Harrison – The ReDiscoverer of W.D. Gann’s Lost Secrets

The SUCCESS FORMULA I’ve found to work consistently was to work on discovering foundational Principles and, once one was located, to test it in other markets, and then, AS THE LAST STEP, to apply it to Mr. Gann’s works to see if it could be found at work there in his writings.

This approach worked over and over again, and, while agonizingly slow, is still the one I follow.

As Mr. Gann didn’t write his secrets down, but, applied them to his work, the only way to find them was to work in reverse and find the Principle independent of Gann’s work and then work forward within Gann’s work to try and locate it’s presence within his body of work.

The downside to this admission however, is for all those who have tried to tackle Gann’s Courses and books head-on to learn his secrets.

I think that approach has been a serious mistake that brings most of the failure rate among seekers of the ‘Secrets’. Here’s the most effective way to approach Gann’s work in my opinion then: WD Gann’s materials work best to CONFIRM TRUTHS learned elsewhere.

This process is bewildering to most today as they’re accustomed to being given the rules and the ways to apply them.

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