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The Mystery Schools: Transmitting the Wisdom Teachings of the Ages

But, Mr. Gann worked in a different world, a world of the mystical and the mystery school (of which the Masons is a modern day descendent and of which he was a highest-degree member).

Within this type of world, where blood oaths of secrecy were applied and expected to be kept, Gann had no difficulty applying the same standards to his own students and teachings.

In the ‘Masons’, competence and elevation in degree is done by WORK. Work proven by STUDY and APPLIED KNOWLEDGE (through enacted ritual).

That is the only way to ‘advance’ or gain understanding of Knowledge in their esoteric ‘world’, a ‘world’ that is patterned on the Laws of the Natural World which we and Mr. Gann lived in.

Students who proved themselves by their hard study and work were taught by Mr. Gann privately.

Gann was most careful on who was accepted as a student as can be seen in his private notes on the Astrological aspects of even his employees.

You’d expect him to be just as diligent (and more) about his students and evidence seems to verify this.

In like manner, I’ve decided to share the results of this hard WORK and years of effort with a few students who are willing to follow a well-defined trail that leads to each and every discovery that I made as well as the ‘lost secrets’ of Mr Gann’s that have been rediscovered to date.

I’ve set out a course of study through 12-Lesson Modules plus the Excalibur Method that follows the sequence of discoveries that build a solid foundation of Natural Laws one-on-the-other and give practical applications of each of those Laws in the markets using only ordinary price charts and no other software. Read more about the new . . .


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