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Below, is what can be done with the information contained on this chart using The Excalibur Method which was derived from Mr. Harrison’s Gann studies. The Excalibur Method is part of the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course but, may also be purchased separately from the Course.

WD Gann modified chartIs this what Gann used?

No, not from what Mr. Harrison has been able to discern.

But, he states that the Principles behind this process are undoubtedly some which Mr. Gann had to know in order to progress to the level of achievement which he obtained.

Note the red arrowed lines super-imposed upon Mr. Gann’s chart and lines.

These red lines depict the most useful angles for you to use. And, each angle can be calculated separately and without having to choose from the dozens of lines shown on the chart either.

Look how well they described the market action to the upside and all the way down as well. Only a Principle can show this kind of accuracy.

A Principle is what drives the successful lines you need and, once you know the Principle behind them, you’ll quickly determine the underlying trends and price momentum in any markets.

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