Mysteries pg 3

WD GANN 1850's Wheat ChartHere’s one of W.D. Gann’s most mysterious charts for the 1850’s in Wheat:

What does this chart mean with it’s many circles and lines?

Mr. Harrison shows you what structure he’s found that underlies these mysterious marks and that gives meaning to them and how their use predicted the top price on this chart to the dollar.

No one we’ve heard of has EVER attempted to explain this mysterious WD GANN chart.

In fact, most would probably pass it off as some kind of aberration that Gann drew.

But, take another look at this chart for a moment.

Do you really think that Mr. Gann went to all the trouble of making these meticulous circles and lines just as a doodle or to pass the time?


WD GANN was a hard-worker and dedicated to fully utilizing what he saw as his Gift; understanding the markets by discovering and applying the Biblical truths he extracted from that Book.

Wasting time would be considered a ‘sin’ to his belief-system.

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